Saturday, November 18, 2017

All Calls 2017

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I would have reviewed this and shared the links regardless. I absolutely LOVE Rent the Runway! 

On Friday night we went to the annual Supply Corp All Calls event in Washington DC. We had been looking forward to this party for months! We rarely get a date night so we were excited to have a few kid free hours. All our friends were going to be there and we were beyond thrilled to be reunited with some peeps we haven't seen in years!! And I got to Rent the Runway again!! Just over a year ago I chose RTR for a wedding. I chose a coral lace dress and got a ton of compliments and I felt amazing! I was excited to choose something equally amazing yet totally different. I scoured the site, sorting by my time frame, cocktail attire, and size. I tagged my favorites and easily settled on the red off the shoulder dress. 

it's arrived!!!

The dress was beautiful, great quality and on trend. I felt stylish and beautiful. I got a ton of compliments and it was fun to stand out. And the necklace was gorgeous! I didn't want to send it back! There were only a few others who chose bold colors so it was easy for Matt to find me. With about 700 people attending All Calls this year, it was definitely hard keeping track of each other.   

We had a fun night drinking and chatting with our friends at Nationals Stadium. I hadn't been to All Calls since way before we had kids. Our little ones are finally at an age where we can leave them with a sitter or family for a few hours (maybe even a few days) and not worry. BIG thank you to cousin Ryan for watching the girls for us.......oh and Aunt Nikki and Uncle Mike too!! 😂😉

Due to the constant moving and changing navy life, we have not seen some of our friends in such a long time. We were so excited to finally catch up with Chris and Brandy who moved to Southern MD from Hawaii. Almost 3 years is just too long! But I will say that it felt like no time had passed at all. 

Three months is also too long, which is how much time had passed since I had seen Jennifer. It was great to catch up a bit and I'm excited to get in a few more meet ups between now and Thanksgiving. Love my workout iron sister!

ladies in red - both RTR too!

I missed this crazy lady!

one of my favs!!

If you are attending a Christmas party or some other event - or even going on a date night - you should check out Rent the Runway! Reasons I love Rent the Runway:

1. It is super easy to search and choose a dress and accessories. Once you select a style it even gives you recommendations on jewelry and a bag, if you need one. 

2. The reviews are key! I always scour the reviews for a few reasons: they help you select a size. Normally I choose my normal size, and one larger just in case. But this time I chose a smaller size because a majority of the reviews said it ran large. And, I get to see how it looks on other people my size. You can filter the reviews for women similar in shape and age, which is a huge help! And finally those images also help me with accessories. I am a very visual person and I need those for inspiration.

3. Go PRO. If you love it and plan on renting more than once a year, getting the PRO membership is a no-brainer. For $29.95 the insurance and shipping are free, plus $30 for your birthday dress and a discount on other rentals. 

4. Customer service. Last time I had no need to interact with the RTR staff, but this time there was a last minute cancellation with the necklace I chose (it was damaged) so I had to call for help. Not only did I get to choose ANY accessory (few exceptions like furs), but they also threw in a handbag as well. So besides my shoes my entire outfit was Rent the Runway! And the woman I spoke with was so helpful. I also had to get a smaller size at the last minute and they overnighted it free of charge. 

5. Minimalism! I know I personally don't need a bunch of dresses taking up space in my closet. Once I wear it one time I tend to get the memory stuck in my head and have a hard time wearing it to other events. Especially dresses in bold color. This saves me space and probably money! 

this dress is all about the sleeves!
thanks Steinwand for this photo bomb!!

Rent the Runway allows me to wear an expensive high quality dress and I don't have to pay for it (full price anyways)!  

I can't wait to Rent the Runway again in February for the Supply Corp Birthday Ball. This time it is black tie, which means a long dress! Probably time to start recruiting a babysitter. 

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I would have reviewed this and shared the links regardless. I absolutely LOVE Rent the Runway! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fantastic Fall

Now that fall is quickly turning into winter, it is time for our fall recap. We did a lot of little things over the past few months, and a lot of exploring and enjoying our new area. We had a few visitors, picked some apples, made a pie, and took some fall family photos. We went to the park almost every day, soaking up every warm afternoon to the fullest. 
yahoo!! a sneak peak of our fall family pics!
We had Grandma Rachel take a few pictures of us when she was visiting, and thankfully they turned out pretty well! We got some good ones for the Christmas card - ones I didn't include in this post so they will be a surprise! Well, kinda. I guess the outfits won't be a surprise. 

Grandma came to visit us in October and we kept her busy with trips to the park, the museum and of course apple picking on one of the hottest days!!

While selecting the perfect apples we had to make sure they were yummy right? We tried a few just to be sure! Delicious!!

making her very scary monster face!! RAWRRRR!
After getting home my big girl and I made our first apple pie! Grandma stepped in to assist us with secret spices and topping goodness! It was amazing! Not too shabby for our first time. 

museum sillies

Grandma snuggles while waiting to get ice cream.

 My absolute favorite photo of the girls I took recently. Could not love these two more. 

 Time spent playing with your kids is never wasted. I love park time with these two.

Grandma Rachel also came to visit us. We went on a few adventures, crossing a few items off our Philly bucket list. First: the balloon ride at the zoo. It looks like a giant hot air balloon and goes up pretty high (while still being attached to the ground) and you get a breathtaking view of all of Philadelphia! Highly recommend!! 

the view of downtown!

hanging out at the zoo.

my little roos
We also finally checked out the beer garden at the zoo, yep they have one of those! It was packed (obviously)! We enjoyed a little snack and drink while the kids played. 

Grandma Rachel is a serious bowler these days, so we all went to the newly renovated lanes and spent the evening having good ol fashion fun! I haven't bowled in years and this was a first for the kids. They had a great time and with a little bumper assistance did pretty good! Of course Grandma Rachel won, but it was close!

We enjoyed a few visits with cousins this fall too! We met up with Jack at Sesame and spent the afternoon riding rides and "flying".

getting ready to soar!

arms up for the big turn!

The girls were so excited when Ryan came to spent the weekend with us in Philly! We explored the The Franklin Institute (highly recommend this place too!), spent time at the park and did lots of playing with Uncle Mike! 

Thanks for making the trip Ryan, we love seeing you! 

Cheesesteak bucket list: Jim's!! It was good, but need to try the more famous one on South Street! 

enjoying music class and briar bush nature program with my little one!

a wonderful surprise: cookies from our neighbors in MD! Wow thanks Miss Renay!!

Last weekend we went to a fun event at the local high school: a Royal Breakfast. They had all the Disney Characters and we got autographs and pictures with each one. Charlotte loved it! Norah, she was a bit nervous and only wanted her picture with Aurora. Silly girl.

and finally a favorite of my nephews!!! Love!!!

I am definitely sad to have the sun setting at 5pm, and to say goodbye to shorts and sundresses. But I am excited to snuggle on the sofa under a blanket and to wear sweaters and boots. I just hope this big new city of ours has lots to offer our kids to keep them from going too stir crazy during the upcoming snow days. And funny thing: I hope we get lots of those snow days! Yep, I love it. It is somehow still a novelty for this born and raised California girl.