Tuesday, July 10, 2018

New Year's Resolution check-in

As I got ready to change our calendar to July it hit me that it has been exactly 6 months since the New Year. 2018 is half over. And it has been 6 months since I put my resolutions out there for all of you to see. I figured maybe I should go back, read the post, and see if I managed to accomplish anything so far. 

1. Appreciate Matt more: I guess I would have to ask him but I feel like I'm doing a decent job at this. We have a system down and it seems to work well for us (as far as running the house). I think we need to start using our sitter more, even just once a month, for a date. His job is so crazy that some adult time is a must for sanity and our relationship. 

2. Playing more with the girls: Some days are better than others. I don't always get down and play Barbie with them (so many rules!) but I do color, play board games, and take them places a lot. Our summer is busy and jam packed but I am trying to squeeze in lots of fun and plenty of trips to the pool. I want to play with them even more. Putting away the to-do list is the hardest part!

3. Disconnect more: This is hard. I want to do better at this. I don't think I'm terrible but I check my phone too much.

4. Fitness: I do feel my fitness has improved, and I have gained some muscle. I have yet to try the Cross Fit class (that will have to wait until the fall) and my eating could improve, but overall I am happy. I still miss my old gym, it was so much harder!

5. Photography class - nope haven't done it and haven't even looked into it. Maybe in the fall?!

6. Norah's photo album - have yet to do this too. This one is scheduled for the fall once the craziness of summer has dissipated and I have a little more free time. I just need to start it....

Perhaps it would be a good idea to print out my goals from now on (an abbreviated version of course). And maybe I won't make so many resolutions next year?! haha! But hey, I still 6 months to get at least some of these resolutions accomplished....or started?! 

And also: how in the heck is 2018 half over?????!!!!!! 😮😫

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Nana's visit to Philly

My Mom came for a visit in the beginning of June and we managed to squeeze in a lot! Birthday celebration, family photos, end of school programs for the girls, camping, museum, sesame and more! Oh man I'm exhausted just writing that. It was a busy and fun 12 days and we were so sad Nana had to leave to go home. Come visit us again soon! 

Nana flew in on her birthday so we made her dinner and a yummy cake! And the girls did a cute little art project as a gift for Nana.

paintings in progress. Nana's new bathroom art!

I still can't believe school is out. Norah completed her first year of preschool and Charlotte completed her last. They have grown up so much!! The school put together some adorable programs and I was so sad to say goodbye to everyone.

my baby is getting so big!

off to kinder in a few months!

Norah and her teachers - Mrs Vega and Mrs G

happy last day Norah!

waiting for Charlotte's program to start

Charlotte's amazing teach Mrs Ford - we will miss you! ........................................And her BFF Charlotte!

As a little birthday gift we took Nana camping with us. It was a local spot about an hour and a half from our house - a nice KOA with lots for the kids to do. Swimming, playground, and fun! We explored the nearby areas each day and of course had lots of s'mores. 

Nana's cabin was right next to our campsite

one of my favorite parts of camping - playing games

playground time!

good morning Norah!

playground stop in Lancaster while out and about


One of the warmer days we headed to the Academy of Natural Sciences. It is actually a Blue Star museum - free for military - which was a wonderful surprise. They had dinosaurs, butterflies and a giant bug display. The girls enjoyed exploring and dressing up in the various bug costumes they had. 

The butterfly room!

my very own blue butterflies - so pretty!

GIANT bugs - ahhhhhh!!!

watch out for that spider!

touching a dinosaur bone! wow!!

One day we took a trip to Sesame and enjoyed the warm day riding the rides and splashing in the water. This is one of our favorite summer spots. 

even though it was nice out that water was cold!!

One thing that has been on our Philly bucket list: Longwood Gardens. We had heard a lot about and it and were finally able to get over there to enjoy their evening fountain program. Every weekend in the summer they play themed music to the fountains. It is unbelievable!! I wish we lived closer so we could go more often. If you haven't been I highly recommend it. It will be a place we bring guests back to for sure. These fountains put the Bellagio to shame!
asleep on our drive out - gotta rest up for the show!

all set up waiting for it to begin

beautiful flowers everywhere!


a million times better in person!

And finally just a few more photos from Nana's visit.....

pool day at a friends house

being silly with Nana

breakfast on our last day

my silly and cute girls!

Thanks Nana for visiting us and helping us cross off a few more items from our Philly bucket list. We made some wonderful memories! We love you Nana!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Spring photos

About two weeks ago we had some wonderful family photos taken by Jessica Lynn Photography. The session was set up through my amazing MOMS Club. It has been a while since we had any professional family photos taken. We usually get a friend or family member to capture a good holiday photo, so we were long over due for some professional ones. 

The timing of it worked out too - my Mom was able to join in for some of the photos. It was a quick and easy 30 minutes and Jessica was great with us and the kids. She offered us a good amount of direction and changes of scenery. I always get nervous before photos - with two little ones it seems impossible to snap one picture where everyone is smiling their best smile. But somehow we got a lot of good images from this session! I think we will definitely we using her again inherited future. Thanks Jessica!

my girls

my favorite. 


my beautiful Norah

stunning Charlotte

serious and sassy.

silly girl, always moving!