Sunday, June 2, 2019

a new state to call home

Hello everyone! I has been too long, far too long. I have been enjoying some time off from the pressure of blogging, accomplishing a lot of personal tasks as well as spending extra time with the family. The last 6 months has flown by and in that time a lot has happened! The biggest change is the reason for my post today. 

Nothing in life stays the same, especially the military life. It seems as though our time in Philadelphia is coming to an end. We got orders and will be heading back to the West Coast, to Bremerton/Gig Harbor, in Washington state. For those unfamiliar with the area it isn't too far from Seattle. We will officially be west coasters again come July! And this will be a new state for all of us. I have actually never been - not even to visit We are looking forward to the cooler climate, gorgeous scenery, and outdoorsy activities. Before you mention it, yes  am aware it rains a lot there. This just means I have a good excuse to get a new cute raincoat. If you have been to the area before make sure to let me know of anything we must see and do! I will start my bucket list now. :)

Over the past few months we have been busy finding a house and setting up movers, looking into schools, and covering all the logistics. And with just a few weeks left in Pennsylvania it is starting to become real. While I am excited for the adventure, and I know we will settle in and make friends, I am also so sad! We have absolutely LOVED living in Philadelphia. This truly is the city of Brotherly love. Every single person we have met here has been kind and welcoming. I immediately found friends, the most amazing group of women, my tribe, the MOMS Club of Jenkintown. I will desperately miss them and all the things we do together. Our kids have become close, our husbands have bonded, and we have created some amazing memories. I will be sad to say goodbye and will always love and cherish our time in Philadelphia. If I write any more I will just get too sad. And I still have a few weeks left for hugs and goodbyes and "until we meet again". 

So far California, Virginia, Maryland, and now Pennsylvania have a piece of my heart. Each place special, unique, and full of some of the best people I have ever met. While moving is undeniably hard, it has given me the opportunity to fill my life and my heart with each of you. Thank you to every person that had befriended us along the way. We love you all!

Friday, November 9, 2018

all things fall

After all the chaos of getting settled back into the school/work/sports routine I was glad to get a few quiet weeks at home. We had nothing on the schedule and the weather was approaching perfection. The boots were coming out of the closets and I was looking forward to wearing sweaters again. I love all the seasons but fall is definitely my favorite. In those few ideal weeks we get to spend so much time outside enjoying the park and all the colors on the trees. Drinks on the balcony, sitting by the fire on a cool morning, and the beginning of the holiday season. 

harley still wishes it was summer

True, Christmas is still a few months away, but this is when the decorations come out of storage and make us all feel festive. One of the girl’s favorite traditions is taking a trip to pick out their very own pumpkins. They like to carve them too (sorta) – it usually turns into me carving and them watching because they refuse to touch the guts and aren’t allowed to use the knives. So this year I figured we would give painting a try. Thanks to my amazing Moms Club we were able to get out to two pumpkin patches we had never been to before!

Our first was on Columbus day. Charlotte had to go to school but Matt had the day off. We decided to take Norah on a special date with just us. We started out getting bagels for breakfast then went to Maple Acres Farm. We saw some (stinky) animals and some (not stinky) flowers. 

chasing the cat and ducks

On the weekend we headed out to Kohler Farms with the whole family – and the Moms Club family too. This time we took a hay ride past lost of scary and silly scarecrows to the corn field. The kids loved the maze and all the games they had set up. The kids got to pick out a mini pumpkin to take home and then we all enjoyed some delicious donuts and cider. This was my favorite part. I must have eaten at least 4 and snagged a take home bag too! 

A week later we took our new baby pumpkins over to our friends house and had a blast painting them. And my kiddos somehow managed not to get any paint on themselves or their clothes! And while snacking on candy and treats someone lost another tooth!!!

her new smile!!


The weekend before Halloween we headed to DC for some time with family - and some pictures too. The kids were good sports and posed for us in their costumes!
cousins in disguise!

incredigirl to the rescue!

and here comes batgirl!

For Halloween we had a lot of events… parades, trick or treating at Rydal (a local senior facility) and of course trick or treating in our neighborhood. The girls had a blast at all the events, but Halloween night was their favorite! The neighborhood was full of kids, every house was giving out candy (some even full sized candy bars) and there was laughter everywhere. They ran to every house, blasting through the leaf piles on the way. They practically screamed with joy every time they told us what was in their buckets. I loved asking them if they were having a good time because they yelled their answer out with such joy. It was over so fast – only an hour! – and their buckets were filled and too heavy for them to carry. They both claim Halloween is now their favorite holiday – but I’m sure that will change come Christmas morning. 

terrible lighting but had to get one out front at Rydal

Char your eye!!!

ready to comp down on some halloween candy

all dressed and excited to go trick or treating

"oh look is that someone we need to save??"

super hero poses!

the loot!! oh my!!

Neither Matt nor I really dressed up this year. Wait, I did go as an old lady when we went to the senior center (my Grandma’s mumu and a wig) and everyone thought it was hysterical. Next year we plan to step it up…in fact I already snagged some half priced costumes in the after Halloween sales!  

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

a jumptastic party!

No birthday is complete without a party – or two. This year, Charlotte celebrated her big day twice. 

On her actual day we were camping in Lake Placid (Daddy did the IronMan race), so there was no big party that day. We had a small little celebration at the campsite. We stopped by a local bakery (CakePlacid – highly recommend!) and picked out 4 cupcakes to share (blueberry pancake, s'mores, funfetti, and lemon raspberry). We also had some gifts for her to open. 

our beautiful girl!

The only problem with celebrating early is that she asked when her party was. She still doesn’t understand time and days, etc so it’s hard for her to grasp two weeks. Plus she also needed time to make and invite some of her new friends from kindergarten to her party. 

Finally the day of her BIG party arrived!!! She was so excited she could barely sleep the night before. We went to Altitude indoor trampoline park with 7 of her friends and had a blast. Besides the cost, I love parties at places like that because they do it all for you. You just need to bring a cake and party bags and have fun! 

the unicorn cake! So much frosting!!

Charlotte chose a unicorn theme – it is definitely the year of the unicorn! Balloons, cake, favors, and outfit (headband too) all unicorn! The kids got to jump and play for an hour, then we had pizza and cake. After all that sugar we were off to the dodge ball arena for a game. 
our little party crew

some of her new friends from school - Bianca and Madison

Ryan jump jumping away!

mid air Norah!

the other Charlotte and best friend!

Vera having a great time

Watch out for Daddy….he has a deadly arm! 
pretty sure he is aiming for me

one of my favorites! A sneaky selfie!

Before we knew it the party was over and it was time to say goodbye. Thanks to all of Charlotte's friends who were able to go. You made our girl feel very special. And a big thanks to Ryan and Aunt Nikki who drove up for the party!  

Happy 6th Birthday Charlotte!!! 

p.s. she is already asking about where she can have her party next year LOL!