Monday, January 31, 2011

weekend recap

Well this was Matt's last weekend before the dreaded D-Day. Normally I have lots of things on our "to-do" list each weekend: groceries, costo, dog park, clean, laundry, etc. Fun chores I just KNOW Matty looks forward to! I mean I do, but then again I love to clean! :) But for the past few weeks I have tried to keep those chores to an absolute minimum (meaning the house hasn't been cleaned in a month or so...ewww!) so we would be able to enjoy our time together, and this weekend was no exception.

Friday: The plan was to have a "date night": dinner, maybe a movie, just the two of us spending time together. However, by the time I got home plans had changed. Matt helped Sara move the rest of her stuff into a storage unit and she wanted to repay the favor by taking us to dinner. So we used my La Jolla Brewhouse groupon and all went out together. That was followed by a trip to PB bar and Grill! Oh boy. I was not really in the mood for this at all. Think quiet relaxing evening....PB Bar and Grill is not that. But, since Matt really wanted to go, and I was told we wouldn't stay out too late, I thought what the hell, it's Friday live a little! And, it was actually a lot of fun! We had some beers, some laughs and some fireball whiskey.

Hilarious quote of the night (we are driving home, maybe 10-15 mins til we get there):
Matt - "pull over I have to pee"
Shannon - "can't you just wait until we get home?"
Matt - "no. I drank a lot more then you"
Shannon - "no I just manage my pee pee cycle better then you"

Thank you whiskey and create good memories!

Saturday: This was a good day! We started off with an amazing brunch with Jon and Tina at The Cottage in La Jolla. They have amazing food!! I mean wow. For anyone that hasn't been there, definitely go! And it was so great to spend time with Jon and Tina before Matt leaves. I know I will see them when he is gone, but it was nice to do a little double date and catch up on life. And on our way from La Jolla we stopped at the beach:
Afterwards Matt and I went and got a couples massage together. It was so relaxing! It put us both in a great mood for the rest of the day, I mean, how could it not? And since it was his last Saturday night in San Diego, we thought what better way to spend the evening then singing and drinking all night?! So we went to JT's, Matt's favorite bar, for one final night of karaoke. It was so much fun! It was surprisingly not too crowded for a Saturday night, which was great because Matt & Kim got to sing 3 or 4 songs! In fact, I even sang a song! I sang Carrie Underwood "All American girl" with the help of Kim since I was a little too nervous to sing on my own. Matt loves that song, and I thought it would be a little something for him to reminisce about while he is away. And the good news: I didn't totally suck! yay!
Matty and I
Kim and I at JT's
Sunday: Matt and I started the day at the shooting range:

robbers beware I'm packing heat
Then we went to see "The King's Speech". I highly recommend that movie. Really really good!

And after picking up Phil's BBQ for dinner, we headed home to celebrate Harley's 3rd birthday!!! Our baby boy is getting so big! I really can't believe that he is 3 already....thats like 21 in dog years which is a HUGE birthday! So, to celebrate, I made him a cake. Yes people, I bake for my dog. It actually saves us money on buying expensive dog treats and its all natural (thanks Mer for the cookbook!!). And he LOVES it! :) In fact, he was so excited about his birthday that he insisted I buy him a birthday hat and invite his friend Miles over for the fun! And so I did and it was a great little birthday party.  
he is so excited for his party!!

getting ready for cake!

sooo sleepy from all the fun!
I know what you're thinking: this girl is crazy! Well yes I suppose that is true. I am crazy in love with my hubby and my fur child. And, if Harley gets this kind of treatment on his birthday, imagine what our kids parties will be like?! Over the top and a lot of fun?! Can't wait!

So I must say, this was a pretty awesome weekend. We did a lot of stuff we have been putting off for a while, we went out and spent time with close friends, and we spent lots of time cuddling, talking and just being with each other. We had a lot of laughs and created a lot of memories, memories that we will use to help us get throught the rough times over the next couple of months. That's why I wanted to "journal" this weekend....while it may be a little boring for some of you to read, I wanted to have it written down so I can go back and reminisce about all the fun we had on his last weekend here.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome Friends & Family

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I know, this should have been my first post, but when I made my first entry it was mostly a test run to see if I liked it. And now that you all got my email I guess the blog is official! Now, if you could just click "follow" on the right side of the page, I will know who is stalking me, and that would be super awesome! :)

As most of you know, Matt will be leaving shortly for a 7 month deployment. OMG that is a long time. I think back to 7 months ago....June 2010, right around Matt's birthday, and I think about all the things that have happened since then. Family Day Cruise, birthdays, the Radke's arrival in SD, wine tasting, Yosemite trip, the birth of Hannah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hawaii, Tahoe, Modesto, New Years, phew.....LOTS has happened. It makes me a little sad to think now about all the things that will happen in the next 7 months that Matt won't be able to be a part of. Valentine's Day, my cousin's wedding, Jessica & Joe's wedding, Chris' return to SD (which I know will be followed by a lot of fun activities!), his birthday, my birthday and I'm sure lots of little things that I don't even know of yet. The only silver lining in this is that he will be home for his brother's wedding. We were really concerned about that one and we just hoped and prayed that the timing would work out for us. And thank God it did. The CO and the XO even said they will make it happen. yay! So it will be "hi welcome back, ok let's hop on a plane!" haha. It will be a little welcome back trip. So Clute family, something to look forward to too!

During his deployment, while I will get the occasional phone calls, I am stuck with mostly email communication. And I always wonder how much information I should include in an email to him. On a daily basis I will write a few paragraphs and I will get a one liner in return. lol. I think there are 2 valid reasons for this: #1 he is a boy. enough said. #2 he is busy. So since I feel like telling him all about my day in an email is pretty difficult and he will be out of the loop on a lot of things at home, I thought the blog was the perfect solution. I can write all I want (ladies it is a lot like talking but its all in your head. little voices hehe) and I can post pictures too. He can log in and see whats going on and feel like he is still a part of my daily life in some way. He will get the 411 on all the fun stuff! Except for what happens in Vegas, because that stays in Vegas (wink wink Jen!).

So I am looking forward to keeping Matt entertained and up to date on the daily like of Mr H and I! And I hope all of you enjoy reading along too. I can't promise daily posts, but I will try for a couple times a week. I think I am going to learn a lot about myself and my life as a military wife over the next 7 months. There will be good times and sad times and all around crazy times. Perhaps posting this on the internet wasn't the wisest of decisions...hmmmm we shall see!

Love you all! Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 24, 2011

my 2 cents for the day...

Over the weekend Matt and I went to a poker night with a bunch of Officers and their wives from the ship. It was a really good turnout and a lot of fun. And seeing that deployment is right around the corner, that came up in conversation a lot. Now, nobody likes deployment. duh right? Who wants to be separated from their family, their friends, their home, a real shower, and a live in a room no larger then a prison cell?! Deployment is not easy on the service member or their family, both parties suffer in different ways. But, deployment is a way of life in the military, it happens to all service members, and there is no way to avoid it. So my question is, why would you (as a wife) proceed to torment and yell at your husband about going on deployment as if its all his fault?! (in public no less) Yes he volunteered for the Navy, but you knew that when you married him. Did you think he could just be a SWO and never go on deployment? I'm sorry, but do you live under a rock? I realize we are all upset about our husbands leaving, but I do not think taking it out on him is the best idea. It's only going to cause more problems for both of you. And imagine how he feels? I'm sure he doesn't want to go and then having a nagging complaining wife to top it off....poor guy.

So my advice to all the wives out there (take it with a grain of salt, this is my first deployment) is support and love your husband. He needs it just as much as you do. He is stuck at work 24 hours a day, living in a prison cell with at least one other person, showering in icky stalls with flip flops everyday, and he can't even have a beer after a long day. can you imagine? While he is there, we are at least in the comfort of our own home, with our children/pets/family to keep us company, and we have the freedom to go out to eat or have a glass of wine if we want. No we do not have them by our side physically, but we do emotionally. You need to stay strong and support each other the best you can. He has enough to worry about and doesn't need a bitter angry wife at home to top it off.

My 2 cents for the day....

Friday, January 21, 2011

Is that a strawberry on your butt?

This is my handsome boy:

Note: this may be TMI for some of you....
About 2 days ago I see Harley go running across the kitchen in full play mode with Sonny and I notice his bum is a little pink, right near his butt swirls. As I get a closer look I notice that some of his hair looks like its missing and the skin is a little poofy. He doesn't seem to be bothered by this and he definitely has not lost his appetite for food or for play so I temporarily let it go. Thursday morning I get up and take a look at it and its so much worse! It got bigger overnight and a lot more pink. Matt said it best "it looks like a strawberry on his butt". LOL. Anyways, I decide rather then wait it out I would make a vet appt. And after a little research online, I think what we have is a swollen anal gland. I assume I will end up paying for a visit and some meds, possibly draining of an anal gland. Not a huge deal. Boy was I wrong! Apparently the anal sac became inflamed and was unable to drain. Instead of slowly coming out with his stool it got bigger and eventually burst inside of him, so now we have an infected anal gland. Well they tried to relieve some of the pressure and drain it there and Harley was having none of that. It sounded like someone was beating a baby in the back. It was horrible! So they gave me two options. #1: They need to cut him open, clean it out, and then sew it up. BUT, this probably will happen again. And because he gave off no symptoms in the beginning when it was just inflamed and backed up, it would probably result in more surgery rather then just emptying them out regularly. Option #2: bilateral anal sacculectomy. Basically they would go in and remove both anal sacs. I was not super hyped about this option because a risk is fecal incontinence. not cool. But, after much reassurance from the vet, he does this procedure often and has not had any incontinence issues, I agreed to the procedure. Better to just take them both now and never have to worry about it, than deal with this again in the future. So Harley went in today to have it done. Poor Mr. H.

This whole thing is going to cost us a pretty penny, but since we have doggie insurance, it's only costing us one instead of two. I still need to submit the claim, but I am confident most of this will get covered. (I will praise Embrace more when I have a check in hand) And while I would do any procedure necessary for Harley to survive and live comfortably, regardless of whether we had insurance or not, it's definitely nice to know we won't have to foot the entire bill. And of course, insurance gives us peace of mind. I sure hope he recovers quickly and is back to his normal self again soon!

post surgery's going to be a long recovery. My poor baby boy. :(

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This probably wasn't the best idea

Seeing as Matt's deployment is less then 2 weeks away, I decided that I would try and create my own "donut of misery" today. That was probably not the best idea out there. I come to find out, after punching in the dates, that I have 232.4 days, 33.2 weeks. eek that seems like forever! I am hoping that "time will fly" but I have heard the first and last months are pure torture. wonderful. And if you didn't know, this is our first deployment together. We met right after Matt got back from deployment in October 2007 and he went straight to shore duty and is now back on a ship. So while I know I should feel lucky and blessed that we have had 3 full uninterrupted years together, it still sucks. And I know no matter how many deployments a couple has been through, each one still sucks in its own horrible way. Being separated from your best friend and the love of your life is never a good time.

Enough of the pity party! I am going to find the silver lining in all of this. #1: my sister is now living with us! yay! While I wasn't super excited about living with her again, I was open to the idea. And when Matt is gone I will have someone to come home to and spend time with. Plus, she's a damn good cook. AND, she gets off work earlier then me, so dinner is usually ready when I get home. Super big bonus there! And to top it off, Sonny and Harley get to spend lots and lots of time together. It's so cute. Sonny gets out of bed first. He runs upstairs, comes in the back way through the bathroom, and whines and paws at the bed until Harley jumps down. They play constantly. It's the cutest thing ever. I know its going to be hard on both of them when Sara moves out, they are besties! #2: I have the Radkes!! It really won't be the same without Matt, but I know they will keep me occupied the whole time he is gone. Brandy is a planner and she loves to keep busy doing lots and lots of new activities (usually involving beer or wine, but that's ok!) so I know my schedule will be jam packed with fun! Plus, Chris is just getting back from deployment and Brandy has been through 2 or 3 deployments so far so I know I will have a good support system there. You always need good friends you can lean on, especially ones that have been through the same thing. #3: I have the ship family too! They will understand more then anyone what I'm going through. We are all very different people with different interests and backgrounds, but when you have the Navy in common, you are friends for life. The last thing you want is to seclude yourself from the ship. The ship will keep you occupied with activities and it is a built in support system. #4: When Matt is gone I will have a lot more free time on my hands. I plan to get my workout on! yay! Sara and I also plan on taking a photography class or two! And we may even take a girls trip :).

So as you can see, lots of things to do and people to see! And note to self: stay away from the "donut of misery".....its just too depressing until the deployment is half over!

So a little update: I emailed a link to this blog to Brandy and her hilarious yet awesome response : "And if you think booze is the only thing I'm going to subject you to, then you're nuts.  :)  Salsa/bachata classes, swing (if I can find it) lessons, there's that mountain/hill I want to hike over by Lake Murray plus the list of hiking trails Chris and I found before he left, I'm dying to eat my way through San Fran, volunteering at 5ks which are already on my calendar, find a painting class (speaking of booze: we have a thing here called dip and dab which is drinking and painting), learn how to make homemade candy, relearn pizza from scratch, korean food exploration (namely the korean truck that drives around SD)... worried about your free time yet?  :)"

Brandy: I love you!! Hurry up and move back already!!