Friday, January 21, 2011

Is that a strawberry on your butt?

This is my handsome boy:

Note: this may be TMI for some of you....
About 2 days ago I see Harley go running across the kitchen in full play mode with Sonny and I notice his bum is a little pink, right near his butt swirls. As I get a closer look I notice that some of his hair looks like its missing and the skin is a little poofy. He doesn't seem to be bothered by this and he definitely has not lost his appetite for food or for play so I temporarily let it go. Thursday morning I get up and take a look at it and its so much worse! It got bigger overnight and a lot more pink. Matt said it best "it looks like a strawberry on his butt". LOL. Anyways, I decide rather then wait it out I would make a vet appt. And after a little research online, I think what we have is a swollen anal gland. I assume I will end up paying for a visit and some meds, possibly draining of an anal gland. Not a huge deal. Boy was I wrong! Apparently the anal sac became inflamed and was unable to drain. Instead of slowly coming out with his stool it got bigger and eventually burst inside of him, so now we have an infected anal gland. Well they tried to relieve some of the pressure and drain it there and Harley was having none of that. It sounded like someone was beating a baby in the back. It was horrible! So they gave me two options. #1: They need to cut him open, clean it out, and then sew it up. BUT, this probably will happen again. And because he gave off no symptoms in the beginning when it was just inflamed and backed up, it would probably result in more surgery rather then just emptying them out regularly. Option #2: bilateral anal sacculectomy. Basically they would go in and remove both anal sacs. I was not super hyped about this option because a risk is fecal incontinence. not cool. But, after much reassurance from the vet, he does this procedure often and has not had any incontinence issues, I agreed to the procedure. Better to just take them both now and never have to worry about it, than deal with this again in the future. So Harley went in today to have it done. Poor Mr. H.

This whole thing is going to cost us a pretty penny, but since we have doggie insurance, it's only costing us one instead of two. I still need to submit the claim, but I am confident most of this will get covered. (I will praise Embrace more when I have a check in hand) And while I would do any procedure necessary for Harley to survive and live comfortably, regardless of whether we had insurance or not, it's definitely nice to know we won't have to foot the entire bill. And of course, insurance gives us peace of mind. I sure hope he recovers quickly and is back to his normal self again soon!

post surgery's going to be a long recovery. My poor baby boy. :(

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Meredith said...

Aww, Mr. H. We are thinking of you! Reagan says get better soon!