Thursday, January 20, 2011

This probably wasn't the best idea

Seeing as Matt's deployment is less then 2 weeks away, I decided that I would try and create my own "donut of misery" today. That was probably not the best idea out there. I come to find out, after punching in the dates, that I have 232.4 days, 33.2 weeks. eek that seems like forever! I am hoping that "time will fly" but I have heard the first and last months are pure torture. wonderful. And if you didn't know, this is our first deployment together. We met right after Matt got back from deployment in October 2007 and he went straight to shore duty and is now back on a ship. So while I know I should feel lucky and blessed that we have had 3 full uninterrupted years together, it still sucks. And I know no matter how many deployments a couple has been through, each one still sucks in its own horrible way. Being separated from your best friend and the love of your life is never a good time.

Enough of the pity party! I am going to find the silver lining in all of this. #1: my sister is now living with us! yay! While I wasn't super excited about living with her again, I was open to the idea. And when Matt is gone I will have someone to come home to and spend time with. Plus, she's a damn good cook. AND, she gets off work earlier then me, so dinner is usually ready when I get home. Super big bonus there! And to top it off, Sonny and Harley get to spend lots and lots of time together. It's so cute. Sonny gets out of bed first. He runs upstairs, comes in the back way through the bathroom, and whines and paws at the bed until Harley jumps down. They play constantly. It's the cutest thing ever. I know its going to be hard on both of them when Sara moves out, they are besties! #2: I have the Radkes!! It really won't be the same without Matt, but I know they will keep me occupied the whole time he is gone. Brandy is a planner and she loves to keep busy doing lots and lots of new activities (usually involving beer or wine, but that's ok!) so I know my schedule will be jam packed with fun! Plus, Chris is just getting back from deployment and Brandy has been through 2 or 3 deployments so far so I know I will have a good support system there. You always need good friends you can lean on, especially ones that have been through the same thing. #3: I have the ship family too! They will understand more then anyone what I'm going through. We are all very different people with different interests and backgrounds, but when you have the Navy in common, you are friends for life. The last thing you want is to seclude yourself from the ship. The ship will keep you occupied with activities and it is a built in support system. #4: When Matt is gone I will have a lot more free time on my hands. I plan to get my workout on! yay! Sara and I also plan on taking a photography class or two! And we may even take a girls trip :).

So as you can see, lots of things to do and people to see! And note to self: stay away from the "donut of misery".....its just too depressing until the deployment is half over!

So a little update: I emailed a link to this blog to Brandy and her hilarious yet awesome response : "And if you think booze is the only thing I'm going to subject you to, then you're nuts.  :)  Salsa/bachata classes, swing (if I can find it) lessons, there's that mountain/hill I want to hike over by Lake Murray plus the list of hiking trails Chris and I found before he left, I'm dying to eat my way through San Fran, volunteering at 5ks which are already on my calendar, find a painting class (speaking of booze: we have a thing here called dip and dab which is drinking and painting), learn how to make homemade candy, relearn pizza from scratch, korean food exploration (namely the korean truck that drives around SD)... worried about your free time yet?  :)"

Brandy: I love you!! Hurry up and move back already!!

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