Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome Friends & Family

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I know, this should have been my first post, but when I made my first entry it was mostly a test run to see if I liked it. And now that you all got my email I guess the blog is official! Now, if you could just click "follow" on the right side of the page, I will know who is stalking me, and that would be super awesome! :)

As most of you know, Matt will be leaving shortly for a 7 month deployment. OMG that is a long time. I think back to 7 months ago....June 2010, right around Matt's birthday, and I think about all the things that have happened since then. Family Day Cruise, birthdays, the Radke's arrival in SD, wine tasting, Yosemite trip, the birth of Hannah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hawaii, Tahoe, Modesto, New Years, phew.....LOTS has happened. It makes me a little sad to think now about all the things that will happen in the next 7 months that Matt won't be able to be a part of. Valentine's Day, my cousin's wedding, Jessica & Joe's wedding, Chris' return to SD (which I know will be followed by a lot of fun activities!), his birthday, my birthday and I'm sure lots of little things that I don't even know of yet. The only silver lining in this is that he will be home for his brother's wedding. We were really concerned about that one and we just hoped and prayed that the timing would work out for us. And thank God it did. The CO and the XO even said they will make it happen. yay! So it will be "hi welcome back, ok let's hop on a plane!" haha. It will be a little welcome back trip. So Clute family, something to look forward to too!

During his deployment, while I will get the occasional phone calls, I am stuck with mostly email communication. And I always wonder how much information I should include in an email to him. On a daily basis I will write a few paragraphs and I will get a one liner in return. lol. I think there are 2 valid reasons for this: #1 he is a boy. enough said. #2 he is busy. So since I feel like telling him all about my day in an email is pretty difficult and he will be out of the loop on a lot of things at home, I thought the blog was the perfect solution. I can write all I want (ladies it is a lot like talking but its all in your head. little voices hehe) and I can post pictures too. He can log in and see whats going on and feel like he is still a part of my daily life in some way. He will get the 411 on all the fun stuff! Except for what happens in Vegas, because that stays in Vegas (wink wink Jen!).

So I am looking forward to keeping Matt entertained and up to date on the daily like of Mr H and I! And I hope all of you enjoy reading along too. I can't promise daily posts, but I will try for a couple times a week. I think I am going to learn a lot about myself and my life as a military wife over the next 7 months. There will be good times and sad times and all around crazy times. Perhaps posting this on the internet wasn't the wisest of decisions...hmmmm we shall see!

Love you all! Thanks for reading!

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