Monday, February 14, 2011

Bye Bye Bye

Normally I am not a procrastinator. I usually love to cross things off my to-do list and I absolutely hate having things linger around. It stresses me out and I just don't like it. But back in November when my mom moved and decided it was time to clean out my old room (why can't things just stay the same?!) she dropped off 8-10 boxes of my stuff. Everything from games, pictures, books, and all my NSYNC stuff. And I have successfully avoided looking at or doing anything with any of it until now. I finally bit the bullet and went through all of it. Yes, every single box. It only took me a few hours to separate it into 3 piles: keep, donate, trash. I actually only ended up keeping one container of stuff: children's books I eventually want to read to our kids, some of my baby clothes, and a kick ass NSYNC lunch box. Hey, I had to keep at least one NSYNC thing right?! I donated a lot of stuff to the Discovery Shop (American Cancer Society Thrift Store) and boy did it feel good. Hopefully someone will cherish all my NSYNC bobble head dolls :). I feel like a new person now! The garage is clean and I got rid of a ton of stuff we don't need. I also spring cleaned the entire downstairs to make sure everything is in order. I am now over half way done with my spring cleaning goal! go me!!

And just so Matt didn't feel left out, I made sure to take some pictures with my phone and email them to him. I was so proud of myself! :) Its the small joys in life. haha.

Next weekend: the upstairs. Closet, shoes, bathroom here I come!

So, do any of you plan on doing a little spring cleaning this year?

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Meredith said...

Yes to the spring cleaning! I started mine in a bizarre place - under our master bathroom sink! So much stuff gets piled under there - especially on "his" side. Next I am on to my closet to make yet another donation pile. Those yellow drop boxes sure must love me! I do need to find a place to donate household items, though. In Frederick there was a women's shelter I took things to. I want to find a place like that where I live now.