Monday, February 7, 2011

can you hear me?!... over...

So my Monday is off to a lovely start....I got to talk to Matty on the phone!!!

I've actually talked to him twice since he has been gone! yay!! Of course we email almost every day, and I make sure to send him pictures of Mr H and his daily activities, but gosh I love a good phone call. It's the simple things in life right?! The "Hello!" wait for it, wait for it, "Hi baby!". Then I talk, hear it repeat in the background, then he talks, long pause, static, turn up the volume, make sure to stand in a place that has good reception. phew. satellite phone. It's like talking on a walkie have to listen really well or you may not hear it correctly and by the end of the conversation you are talking over each other. But hey, anything is better than nothing and boy am I thankful he can call me every few days! It definitely makes me feel better and its good to know he is safe and sound. Too long without communication and my mind starts to wander and well its not good.

Imagine 20+ years ago...they didn't have email. I would be pacing the house anxiously awaiting a hand written letter from my love (or a phone call during a port visit). And by the end of the deployment I would have a shoe box full! Actually that sounds rather if you're reading this, break out your pen and paper and write me a love note :). Someday we can show our grandbabies all the letters you sent me.

Happy Monday everyone!

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