Wednesday, February 9, 2011

goals for deployment

In order to make myself accountable, and because I love a good list, I thought I would put together some goals for deployment. There will be a lot of free weekends (30 in case anyone was counting) and I will need something to fill them up with! So here goes...

1. Work out and eat healthy. My plan is to cut back on eating out, sweets, late night snacking, mid week alcohol, and processed food. I want to eat more veggies and fruit and just be healthier overall. I also plan to continue with bootcamp 3 days a week and then spin/run 2-3 days a week as well. I would like to get my body fat down about 3% in 7 months. Got to get in tip-top pre-baby shape! :)

2. Save Money. Our future plans will involve a baby (or 2) and will most likely involve me being a stay at home Mommy (so excited about this!), so I want a nice savings account set up so we don't have to stress about money when we are living off one income. And while Matt is gone our expenses should be reduced, no eating out, no vacations, etc so we should be able to easily tuck away some cash. Hopefully we can reach our goal in 7 months, but as long as we get there by the time I quit work I will be very happy.

3. Spring clean the house. The whole house. I am actually pretty excited about this one! I have lots of projects throughout the house that I need to accomplish and after I finish I will feel great. I love getting all organized and clearing out stuff we don't need. Garage, closet, I come!! I hope to get all of this completed by the end of February!

4. Take a photography class. We have a great Nikon D60 camera and to be honest, I barely know how to use it. I need to learn how to use all the settings and then practice practice practice. Sara is going to take the class with me too so we will have a little sisterly bonding time.  And this skill will come in quite handy when I have a cute little baby to take pictures of! :)

5. Scrapbooking. I am actually overwhelmed just thinking about this. Scrapbooking is very time consuming, printing pictures, paper, stickers, glue, fancy scissors.....lots and lots of details. This project may not even get started until March (Feb is jam packed with cleaning!). If I start it from the time Matt and I met, that is a good 3 years. eeek. Hopefully this is something I can work on while he is gone....I know he would absolutely love it!...and it would be something we could treasure forever.

6. Run a 5k. I know I can do this! I won't even make it a goal to be fast, just to run the whole time and finish in less than 30 mins. I think that is very do-able and I know I have a partner for the race (Brandy that's you!)!! 

7. Take my vitamins and floss. I am horrible at both of these and I need to get better. In my defense, the vitamins taste like poo. No good excuse about the flossing except I'm lazy. Need to work on these.

Ok, I think that is a good start. I feel like maybe I should have more goals, but since I work during the week, most of my free time is on the weekends and I don't want to overwhelm myself just yet. I may update this down the road with new goals or maybe do a progress report. Wish me luck!

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Meredith said...

I think you are going to do a great job! I love lists and I think you have some fantastic and reachable goals. Now, does Brandy know she's involved in the 5K ??? Haha. And I love the baby theme in many of these list items. :)