Thursday, February 24, 2011

love for miss lucy lu

Dearest Lucy,

You truly are the best dog of the bunch (shhh don't tell Jack or Ryan). You have brought so much joy and love into our house. It would not be the same without your joyous personality bringing life into the family. I remember when we first got you. You and your sister were so scared of everything. Jack would not leave you alone and instead of just allowing him to sniff you to death, you snapped at him. Good for you! You put him in his place right away. You were not going to let some guy walk all over you, a true Hall girl from the beginning. Over time you came to love Jack as a brother and put up with all his craziness (how can he possibly love a ball so much?). He is your partner in crime. Remember all the park trips we took? Running across the grass, rolling in the mud....ahh the good ol days. And now that you have Ryan around there are even more good times, including pool time! It makes me so happy to see all the pictures of you and your brothers playing in the pool. I know you love it a lot. I have nothing but wonderful memories of our times together. I only wish we could have had more. It's hard not being able to be close to you all the time. You are a great fur sister and always make me feel loved when I come home from being gone for so long. And you always cuddle up with me right away and make me feel special, and don't you worry, its ok that you drool on my legs. It keeps me cool and refreshed! :) 

So I put together a few pictures of you, your brothers, and of course Mom. Memories that makes me smile and I know they make you smile too:
all wet from playing in the pool

signature head tilt

snow time!

the family!

Hang in there miss Lucy Lu! I know your head hurts you sometimes but Momma is there to take care of you, so make sure you tell her when you need more medicine or just a good belly rub. I hope to see you soon and I love you very much!

All my love forever and ever,


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