Saturday, February 19, 2011

Slap, Grab and Pull

What I learned today: I need to be more assertive, I should lock the doors of my car as soon as I get in it, I should never open the door to strangers (I know, this one is obvious but how many of us out there have opened it to someone selling candy?), and I need to keep my blinds shut more often. What did I do today you might ask? Brandy and I took a self defense class. 

Now, when I signed us up for it I figured it would be a lot of ass kicking. Meaning, some poor fool volunteered to be in a big padded suit so a bunch of women can beat the crap out of him for 3 hours. Well, we did a little of that but it wasn't a guy in a suit, it was a man on a stick and a pair of stuffed jeans. But it was actually fun. The first part of the class was about awareness and assertiveness, and a lot of 'what if' scenarios. I quickly realized I am not as assertive as I thought, or at least in setting my own personal boundaries. Example: The instructor asked to borrow my chapstick, while I thought it was a little odd, I still gave it to her. Apparently that was not the right response. oopsie. I should have told her I don't share. :) And I think I let people get away with more then they should. Now, I don't think I am passive by any means, but I think I would let someone hug me or touch my arm/back even though I may not want them to. If they continued, I am confident I would tell them to stop, but I now know I need to lay down the rules right away. It's my body and my rules. And if they keep getting grabby, then I will just give them a nice slap, grab and pull. 

Next up: we got to practice beating the crap out of an attacker. Brandy choked me, I practiced getting away, and then I choked her and she practiced getting away. Then we poked Bob (the man on the stick) in the eyes, hit him in the nose, punched him in the neck and of course gave him a couple good knees to the groin. And bonus: did a little slap, grab, and pull to his testies too! We got him good!! woo hooo!!! 

It was a lot of fun and in all seriousness, very very important for us to do. Watching someone demonstrate what you should do, and actually practicing it are two very different things. And I really think that everyone should take a self defense class! You feel much more empowered and aware. Even when you think you are safe, you may not be. And considering Matt is gone and I come home late at night, sometimes when it's dark and I don't always pay attention, it was super important for me to learn this stuff. I think Matty would be proud. :) Because remember people, even though you may have a weapon or pepper spray, you may not have it on you if something happens. You need to be prepared. 

So, all you ladies out there, take a self defense class, and go kick some man on a stick ass!! 

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