Wednesday, February 9, 2011

an update on Mr H...and some praise for Embrace

Today Harley got the last of his stitches removed from his surgery. He is happy and healthy and everything is healing perfectly! yay! He is running around like a madman and enjoying life to the fullest. Phew. I feel like we really dogged a bullet on this one. It could have been much worse. I would like to extend a thank you to the wonderful team at our vet, VCA Animal Hospital. They did a great job taking care of Harley, answering all my questions, and giving us the best care possible.

I would also like to give a little praise to Embrace Pet Insurance. A little history: we had VPI before recently switching to Embrace. VPI did not have the best reviews and from experience I know they will deny based on random reasons and they don't cover any hereditary conditions. So we switched to Embrace and boy am I glad we did. Embrace's process is so much easier to understand and deal with. We have a $500 deductible (per year), once we pay the deductible we get 80% back. Simple. Clear. Straightforward. I love it. We actually got the checks today and they ended up paying half of his medical bills! I am very happy!

So to all you pet owners out there: get pet insurance! It's worth the money and it gives you peace of mind. We never thought something like this would happen to Harley, but it did, and it's nice to know we didn't have to pay for the whole thing too!

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