Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 50

Can you believe it's been 50 days since Matt has left? Me either. I guess that's good, it seems like time is flying. Well the weekends are flying by, but those gosh darn work days just seem to drraaaaagggggg. While it seems like I am making some serious progress, I am still not even 25% of the way through deployment. 50 days down, lots more to go. Baby steps.

So how about a little goal update today?

1. Work out and eat healthy. Update: It is going pretty well. I have my good days and my bad days, but overall I am moving forward and making progress. Since Jan 15, when I first started tracking my body fat, I have lost 2%!! Technically I only need to lose 1.4% more, so it looks like I will be able to reach this goal, and maybe even surpass it, by the time Matt returns!

2. Save Money. Update: it's going. This will be an ongoing goal for us throughout deployment. So far, March has been a good "saving" month and we hope it continues.

3. Spring Clean the house. Update: DONE! All the closets have been cleaned out, the garage has been organized, and all the extras have been donated. I have even managed to do a little deep cleaning. I do love a clean house. :)

4. Take a Photography class. Update: we are signing up for one in April. I am very excited to get comfortable using all the settings on our camera. I even bought a new camera bag/backpack which can hold an extra lens. It will be perfect for all our hikes and adventures.

5. Scrapbooking. Update: no progress. I am hoping to start this some time in April. I did finally get my digital photo frame up and running, that was a lot of work. And I am excited to have another little project to keep me busy in my down time. Of course that also means my dining room table will become my art room, but that's ok by me!

6. Run a 5k. Update: I'm racing this Sat!! I am super excited to do this! Sara and I will be a part of the Stein Education team in the Race for Autism. I am hoping to come in under 30 minutes, which I have been practicing with a lot of success. More about all this later....

7. Take my vitamins and floss. Update: eh. Haha. I am doing both about 4 days a week. It's progress, but not up to par. My goal is to use up all my vitamins by the time Matt gets home. Totally doable. Still wish they tasted better.

Happy Thursday everyone and Happy 50 days down!!!

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