Friday, March 11, 2011

the first package has finally arrived!

I have been waiting to write this post for 5 weeks. It took that long for Matt's first package to arrive. It was a long and torturous 5 weeks....

Right after Matt left I wanted to send off a package. I knew the ship would arrive at their first port about 2 weeks after leaving San Diego, and I thought that was the perfect amount of time for a box to get to him! So I gathered up some goodies: his pen he forgot (with refills), some girl scout cookies (a necessity), a lovely card, some pictures of us on deployment day, and a big blanket. I know, a blanket sounds like an odd thing to put in a package for him, but it was much needed. He has always complained that our blankets at home are not long enough for him. He wants to be able to have it go all the way up to his neck and still be able to cover his feet when he is stretching out. And they don't make blankets that long. So my Mom had the brilliant idea to make him one! Only one problem: Shannon doesn't sew. I am a domestic goddess when it comes to cleaning and sometimes baking, but sewing is not my forte. But my amazing Mommy had a solution: a no sew blanket!! Well now that sounds right up my alley! So off we went to Joann's fabric store to select the material. I picked out a lovely navy blue for one side and blue and green plaid for the other. Matty colors. It was super easy to make and it didn't take us very long at all. And it was also good Mommy/daughter bonding time!

Here are some pictures of the process:

making the blanket. Harley is trying to help too!

my handsome boy

the final product!

SO two days ago the package arrived and good news: Matt loves it! He was super surprised I made the blanket (see, even he knows I am not gifted in that area. LOL) and said it made him feel very loved. :)

If anyone is looking for a personalized, inexpensive and easy gift for family or friends I highly recommend the no sew blanket. In fact, I made another one as a baby gift for some friends of ours!

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