Wednesday, March 9, 2011

military life wednesday: doing it all

A couple of weeks ago posted a cute article about Spousonomics. It is a book about how to divide the household chores between spouses. Instead of splitting everything 50/50, I would do what I'm good at (dishes, laundry, cleaning) and Matt would do what he is good at (yard work, cooking, finances). It should help settle the argument of who does what and hopefully give both of us more free time. I think it's a pretty good concept and something that all couples should give a try. However, the military life does not make this so easy.

Seeing as it is just me right now, I get to do all of the above. Total bummer. I don't mind doing a lot of the additional things including cooking, taking out the trash, and handling the finances. What I could live without: yard work. Now, I always knew that I didn't have a green thumb. I have managed to kill the planter box flowers 3 times now. Yep, 3. After I failed miserably the third time I decided it was not meant to be, and the planter boxes got a new home inside the garage. And I have successfully forgotten to water my one and only plant for a few weeks now. I'm pretty sure it is knocking on death's door as I type this. The only plant that is still kicking is the lemon tree. Why? Because I want some lemons!! Oh, and because it rains. hehe. Thank you mother nature! 

And now that Matt is gone I have to do all of the yard work. Ok, not all. We have a gardener. But all he does is mow the lawn and trim some bushes (thank God I don't have to do that as well. I would be living in a jungle!). Matt usually makes everything look nice by spending a few hours each weekend picking up all the leaves, hosing off the patio and the furniture, picking up the dog poo, and clearing out the weeds. Since it has been 5 weeks since the yard has gotten any help, I figured I needed to tidy up a bit (side note: I am nice enough to pick up after the dogs every week). So I cleaned the house and then headed outside. I was motivated and moving along well for about 15 minutes. However, I hate getting dirty. Pulling weeds, raking leaves and hosing the patio all require getting dirty and/or wet. Not my cup of tea. But I hung in and did a decent job. It was definitely not up to Matt Clute standards, but hey, good enough for me. I just hope that the yard is not in total disarray when he returns. Sorry in advance Matty. :) I am definitely missing my Man of the house.

Is there a chore you absolutely hate doing? Do you negotiate it away and do something else instead? Compromise is key and fair doesn't have to mean equal :)

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