Thursday, March 31, 2011

the newest member of our family

Dear Matty,

After much thought and consideration I have decided that we need a second pet in the house. When Sonny and Sara move to San Francisco Harley will be very lonely. He won't have anyone to play with and he is going to sulk for a long time. I know that we will be trying for a baby, but Harley will have to wait a long time before the baby is a good playmate. So, I think having a second pet, one that doesn't require too much work, and is small, cuddly, and cute will be the perfect solution.

Meet Vladmir:
He is small, no more then 30" tall, eats bonsai trees, loves bubble baths, and loves being indoors. He is Russian (hence the name) and would be happy to drink Vodka with us all day long. I think he would be a perfect addition to our family. Asian Mr Harsley and Russian Mr Vladmir. It could not work out better.

So, Jessica and I have added our name to the waiting list! She wants a girl, and I want a boy! He should be available around the time you return. The cost is minimal, well, no more than Harley, and of course we have to fly him from Russia to San Diego. I am very excited about this and can't wait for all of us to be one big happy family! Who doesn't love a petite lap Giraffe??

Love you sweetie!!

p.s. check out the breeders website when you have time:

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