Monday, March 28, 2011

an open letter to Mr H


After spending most of the weekend running errands and doing misc things around the house I was very tired. I wanted to spend the rest of the day just relaxing at home. But I decided to take you and Sonny to the beach. It had been a few weeks since you had been there, and you needed a bath anyways, so I thought why not?! Plus I love you and I know the beach makes you happy.

But Son, if you behavior does not improve, you will not be going again. You were completely out of control yesterday!! I do not mind you chasing other doggies around, but why must you bite at their faces? Especially the ones that are ball obsessed? They think you are trying to take their toy. And I know you do not care about the ball at all, but they don't know that. They think you are trying to steal it, which always seems to cause a fight. And then I get stressed out. I have to constantly follow you around the beach and make sure you are being nice. And when you get out of hand and I ask you to control yourself, you never listen. You run away down the beach and I know what you're thinking: "I have no idea who that crazy lady is. Harley who?". Not cool buddy. Not cool. Why can't you play with the little dogs? Why always the big ones?

So I am asking begging for you to please behave at the beach from now on. please. If you are a nice boy, who plays well with others, then I would be happy to take you every weekend. And we could stay for an hour or more! It would be so much fun! But if we get there, and you act a fool, we will have to go home. And then you won't be going to the beach again until Daddy gets home. Your behavior stresses me out and sometimes I need a break, and that is where Daddy comes in. Not that you listen to him more then me, but at least I can relax on the sand for a bit.

I want you to take some time, reflect upon how you acted, and hopefully you will be a good boy next time we go. Please don't make me call Cesar on you. I love you buddy!


the face of innocence

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The Student said...

This is too funny! I love the pic of the dog.