Sunday, April 10, 2011

the big reveal

For months Sara has been trying to convince me to cut my hair. She wanted me to chop it off, a lot off. I was too scared. But last week as I was cruising the Internet reading random articles I found one on spring haircuts and Jennifer Aniston's new do really spoke to me. I could actually picture my hair like that. And I was excited! So I did it. I chopped a good 6 inches off the back. eek!! And I sent Matt some pictures from my phone and he approved! Yay!! 

Today Sara, Jenna and I went out to La Jolla and PB and took some photos. Here are some pictures of my new hair and beautiful San Diego:

Miss Jenna

love this pic

love the reflection in my sunnies

The things I love about having short hair: I can actually round brush blow dry it! finally! I use much less shampoo and I really don't need leave in conditioner anymore. It does its own thing and I don't have to constantly worry about how it looks. Its bouncy. :) It doesn't get stuck under my purse straps anymore. woo hoo! 


Blame It On Nik said...

Cute! I miss having a fresh cut.

Jen said...

Looks Awesome Shannon!!! I'm so bummed I can't cut mine off again until September - it's so liberating! Looks like the gamble totally paid off!!

First Lady C said...

thanks sisters!! :) I figured if I didn't love it, I had a good 5 months to grow it out before weddings and Matt's return. Hugs to you both!

Meredith said...

Hey! I want some credit for helping you make your decision. lol. It looks super great, though!! Love it!

First Lady C said...

Oh and a big thank you to Mer-bear, Jessica, and Sara who helped convince me. ;)