Thursday, April 7, 2011

just because

I just can't stop smiling right now!! I feel so special :).  As I am sitting at work minding my own business, "working", I get a mail delivery. FLOWERS!!! All for me, for no reason at all! sweet. I actually started laughing right away too because as you see in the post below I was hinting at flowers. But Matt hasn't even seen that yet and had no idea I was writing that. Great minds think alike.

To my wonderful husband: Good job baby!! I love you and I miss you so much and these definitely made me feel better. They are absolutely beautiful and such a great surprise!! And they came with a really cool pink vase. I love it!! You really are the best husband in the world. Can't wait for our phone date tonight ;). I love you!!!

so pretty!!
me and the flowers :)

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