Thursday, April 7, 2011

matt's favorite way we keep in touch

When the deployment first started Matt and I promised to keep in touch by emailing often (probably every day), calling once a week while he was out to sea, and every day when he was in port. Of course I would also send him packages and I was looking forward to flowers every now and again (ahem. cough cough). So far we have kept to that. I email him all. the. time. Seriously. Because of the time difference, I am at work while he is sleeping. And since I need to occupy my time with something, emailing Matty has become my favorite activity. And by the time Matt gets up I am home. So when he responds, I email him from my phone. Works out pretty well. Although I am concerned that I may strain a finger at some point from all the phone typing, but that's ok, its the price I will pay.

But Matt's favorite emails to receive are the ones without My phone camera has come in quite handy (altho not great quality). Whenever I feel the need, or when Harley is doing something cute or funny, I snap a picture and email it to Matty. He loves it. He feels like part of the group. Well sometimes it makes him feel sad, but its also something that can cheer him up. He can save them and go back and look at them anytime. I only wish he had a camera cell phone so he could snap pictures of himself and email them to me! I only get to see the ones the ship posts on facebook and Matt usually tries to avoid the camera. Baby, get out there and get your picture taken! :)

Here are a few of my favs:

sooo sleepy

couch cuddles

Sonny dominating Harley

he got stuck in the tub

nap time

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