Wednesday, April 20, 2011

military life wednesday: planning the reunion...

...when deployment isn't even half over yet. I know, I know, seems a little early. But, in my opinion, you can never be too prepared.

The first thing I did to prepare for Matt's return is order the welcome home sign! Super exciting! That was one thing that HAD to be done early. The first available shipping date is 8 weeks out (mid June). Of course I selected that as my "need by date" just in case something goes wrong. Or in case it turns out ugly and I need to order a new one. Bonus, the company gives you the first sign/banner for free. All you have to do is pay for shipping, and then find a neighbor to help you hang it. haha.

For spouses, family, or friends of a deployed military member, here is the link:
Build a Sign

My next plan of action, figure out how/when Matt was coming home. Normally this would all be determined by the Navy and the ships schedule, which is still mostly true, but we have a special case on our hands. Matt is the best man in his brother's wedding, which just happens to be right around the ships scheduled return date. It makes it impossible to make it to the wedding if we wait for the ship to pull in to San Diego. So, we are discussing other options. One of those may require a plane ticket, another option may not (I know this is all vague, but I'm trying not to break any OPSEC rules). Of course the sooner he can be home the better....can we all say 2nd honeymoon!?!! Still lots to be decided on this one...

And in the same breath I was evaluating my PTO at work. I want to have a day or so of extra time off so I can use it as needed around his return date. It doesn't look too promising, but I'm pretty sure the "my husband is returning home from deployment" excuse will work, even if the day off has to be unpaid. I'm going to 3 weddings this year, and we have a long babymoon planned, so not a lot of extra time off lying around. Its ok though, the situation might not be ideal, but it will work.

My final plan of attack (right now): get my welcome home outfit! Still too soon? Never too soon to shop!! Ok, ok, I will keep my eye out for inspiring pieces, but hold off for a few more months before I purchase anything. I think that's a fair compromise. 

Come on time, pass faster so my baby can finally be home!!!

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