Thursday, April 21, 2011

my love homework: revisit an old memory

For my love homework this week Matt and I are supposed to look through photos and revisit an old memory together that makes us smile. Instead of pestering him with emails of photos "what about this one?", "lets discuss how fun this was", I decided to just select one myself, and surprise Matt! He can enjoy the memory from my perspective and hopefully get a good laugh out of it.

It took me a while to select just one. I had a few favorites but this one beat out the competition because as I sat in my office yesterday reliving the experience, I busted out laughing. Sold! [Disclaimer: this is one of my favorite memories of all time. It always makes me laugh, but Matt is the main participant of this event. So it is sorta one of my favorite memories of him] Enjoy!

The picture:

The Event: Our Rehearsal Dinner. This photo was taken mid dinner as my MOH, my sister, got Matt and I some drinks: a blow job and a muff diver. And we had to drink them without using out hands. It wasn't too difficult for me, truth be told, it wasn't my first time with a blow job shot. Matt however had a little more difficulty....look at the size of his drink! We did our best and toasted to our wedding in the process.

That drink was just the first of many that night, and all of those combined led to the best rehearsal dinner ever. EVER.  After many celebratory drinks, and a little dancing:

we were kicked out of our private room. So we all made our way down to the bar below and continued the party! Beer, shots, dancing....good times. And since the bride and groom were obviously too intoxicated to drive (see video above as proof), the man of the hour, Joe, drove us home. Matt and I sat in the backseat with my friend Samyjo, and Jessica sat shotgun to supervise the driving. As we get on the freeway Matt rolls his window down. brrrrr. So I tell him to roll it up! His response "I need the fresh air" and he proceeds to stick his entire head out the window. Yep, just like a dog. Then he starts yelling at Joe to slow down over and over again. Note: pretty sure if your head is out the window the car will appear to be going faster than it is. Being the good guy that he his, Joe slows down. We are probably going 55mph (or less) on the freeway by now. Then all of a sudden Matt vomits out the window. While we are on the freeway. Puke is now running down the side of the Jeep and all along the back windows. It is not pretty. I feel bad for the cars next to or behind us. Sorry random cars.

We immediately take the next exit and pull into a gas station to evaluate the situation. OMG it was everywhere. The gas station attendants first words to us "that is DISGUSTING". Yes sir, it is. We all pile out of the car (because of course we have to pee!) and good ol Samyjo decides to help tidy up. She grabs the squeegie and tries to clean the puke off the car. She also manages to get it all over her shoes (open toe'd). Classy. I really wish we had a video camera with us that night to capture it all. Hil-arious. After we are assured by Matt that there will be no more puking we all get back in and make our way home. Eventually we pull up to our condo and Matt and I climb out. Matt turns around, looks at the car and whispers to me "uh oh look what I did to their car", and I have to tell him "Oh no honey, that's OUR car!".

After all that you would assume a hangover was guaranteed. Not for my Matty. He woke up bright and early at 7am, got dressed, took a 3 mile run to go get our car from the hotel, went to the car wash, got breakfast, and returned home. I was truly amazed. If it had been me, I would have been dragged down the aisle with a bucket in hand. And after all that craziness the night before, everything for the wedding went perfectly. We obviously didn't drink very much that night, but we were drunk on love so we didn't need to!



ManWifeDog said...

HILARIOUS!!!! I'm falling out of my desk chair right now. Wow, i have such a funny visual on this one. Oh man, all the vomit!! Everywhere! So gross and yet so classic. I swear The Man would probably have hung his head out the window like a puppy dog too and I would have totally been like, "um, no, it's cold". And I ALWAYS have to pee like a million times when I drink. I hate it!! Awesome!!! A+ story (and video!) you two!

P.S. Is it bad I want a blow job drink now?!? LOL!

Bhrett said...

Haha, this was excellent! Definitely a great story and well told!

Alovelydai said...

LOL!!! I think Matt was operating on pure adrenaline. Then he ran to hotel to get the car? That man is amazing!