Monday, April 18, 2011

random fact day

Today I thought I would share a random fact about myself. I picked this specific fact to share because I noticed it the other day and thought it was pretty funny and so ME. When I get stressed out or overwhelmed I talk. Out loud. And a lot. I noticed it this weekend as Sara and I were trying to plan a little Easter Brunch. Instead of going out (which would be the stress free route) we decided to cook brunch at our house. I'm a little overwhelmed just typing this. haha. We have a full menu planned: frittatas, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, waffles, fruit, almond croissants, and of course mimosas! And the most stressful item on the menu for me: almond croissants. Those are AMAZING. Seriously. Melt in your mouth, flakey yumminess. But they take 2 days to make. Lots of rolling and folding of dough. O man, a lot of time and effort go into these. But they have been requested for Easter, and I will do my best to deliver. Even though the requester will be on a crazy diet which means she won't be able to eat them (not cool).

And even though the croissants will be my main responsibility I also need to help purchase and prepare the other food, clean the house, and of course decorate for Easter!! And I need to practice my hostess of the mostess skills. Eeeek!!

So, in order to organize my thoughts and my to-do list, I talk it out. Right now, I talk it out with Sara. Well not really with her, more at her. I am sure she is thinking "ok, we've gone over this a million times now" but I need to do it so I can wrap my brain around it all. Sometimes writing it out helps (hence the chalk board in the kitchen) but sometimes I need to just talk. Matt has been subject to this many times. One word: wedding. Poor guy. I am sure I talked his ear off trying to figure out the menu, the location, the vendors, etc. There was a ton to be mentally organized. And he hung in there and was supportive through all my chatterbox days. Thanks baby!

So if you ever see or hear me doing this, just nod your head and pretend to care while I talk you to death. We all have our quirks, this one is definitely all me.

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