Monday, April 4, 2011

weekend highlight: bridal shower

Saturday I attended my first official bridal shower. Yep, first. Nope, I never had one. I had a "lingerie" shower in Vegas for my bachelorette party (which was awesome btw) but never a full blown bridal shower. This one was for my bestie Jessica. And let me tell you, it lived up to all my expectations!

Kim and I carpooled up to Irvine, spending the whole car ride talking and rocking out to Britney Spears new CD. Good times. It was a solid hour and a half ride and we arrived right on time! There were a few other guests hanging around when we got there, and about 15 minutes later the lady of the hour arrived: Miss Jessica! We all said hello, then quickly helped ourselves to some champagne. It is a celebration after all. After some chit chat time lunch was served. And boy did they have a great spread! All kinds of yummy finger food, pasta from Olive Garden, cupcakes, a chocolate fountain, I could go on. In fact, I need to stop because it is making me hungry. I made sure to try everything. I basically had no self control. Good thing I made it to boot camp that morning or I would have felt super guilty. This way, I only felt a tad guilty. :) I was stuffed and happy by the time we all sat down to watch Jessica open gifts.

She got all sorts of wonderful things! Bedding, pie plates, china, ice cream maker, and much more. I see lots of cooking in her future. Hopefully I can benefit from that (hint hint Jessica). We also played a fabulous game of 20 questions with her. Jess had to answer a bunch of questions about Joe and if she was wrong she had to eat a gumball. hilarious. And painful to watch sometimes, mostly because I've been there too. But it creates good funny, sticky memories.

After the gift opening was complete most people went home. A few of us stuck around for a while longer and talked in the kitchen. Boy was that a bad idea. That only lead to more grazing. Graze. Talk. Graze. Talk. I also managed to pack a to-go baggie. Had to save some for later! And finally, I put on a brief fashion show for the younger ladies. Kerrie (MOH) picked up my bridesmaid dress for me, and I was anxious to see how it looked! Its looks great! Color = fabulous. Style = me (we all got to pick our own). They are perfect for the wedding. loves it. I proceeded to try and dance around, which lead to me running into a bed, which has resulted in a pretty awesome bruise. A party favor. LOL. After I stopped dancing around like a fool and put my other outfit back on, Kim and I made our way back to San Diego.

Overall, the shower was a success. A huge success. For Jessica and all her guests. I know I had a blast! I took lots of notes too (I see many more bridal showers and baby showers in my future). Kerrie and Jenni did an amazing job decorating, all the little touches were perfect. I will store these ideas for future use. Great way to spend a Saturday!

Congratulations Jessica and Joe!!

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