Monday, May 30, 2011

freedom is not free

Today is Memorial day, a day of sunshine and BBQ's, beach time, and an ice cold beer. It's a day spent watching the local parade. A day spent with family and friends. A day off from work (woo hoo)! A National holiday.

Those are some pretty awesome things. And the reason we are able to enjoy those summer festivities is the same reason we are celebrating Memorial day: because over one million men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice and given up their lives for this country. And while I do not know anyone that has died serving, my husband is currently deployed and always in danger.

So I just want to take this moment and remember all those people who have died for our country. And thank you to all those who are currently serving, near and far. Thank you to my husband and his shipmates. We are so proud of you. It is not an easy job, for the servicememebr or their family, and we all appreciate everything you do. Freedom is not free.

Matt and I at the WWII Memorial in DC

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