Friday, May 13, 2011

so close....yet so far away

Wow. This last week has been a little rough. I am missing Matt more than usual. Even though I was on vacation with my family, I found myself thinking "well if Matt was here we would be doing this" and "I wish Matt was here to see this" or "Matt would love this place". What I thought would take my mind off deployment and missing him somehow made it a little worse. Not cool. Plus, post vacation blues. And going straight back to work on top of it. Lovely. And then this week I went to dinner with some friends. I thought it would be really fun, and again, take my mind off deployment. However, these were some of our Navy friends and it made me miss Matt even more! Seems like I can't catch a break here! I thought that being around Navy people would be good, help me forget about it all...nope. Hanging out with my sister or girlfriends, yep that works. When there are husbands involved, it just reminds me of what is missing right now.

But there is some good news in all that complaining....we are almost half way! In a few short days we will finally be on the downhill portion of this stupid deployment! YES! Take that deployment! AND, I have lots of wonderful things to occupy my time in the next few weeks: running another 5k this Sunday, completing the obstacle course race next weekend, the ships half way party, a wig pub crawl, maybe a visit from the Momma, and my friend Jenn is coming to see me too! And starting in July I am jam packed full of wedding related events: bachelorette parties, showers, weddings. Party central!! I am hoping that not only will these things keep me busy, but they will also make the time fly!

...I can see the top. The peak is within sight. Come on half way point...I need this!!

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Jen said...

Hang in there Shannon!! I know it's tough, but you are too!!!