Thursday, May 26, 2011

take that body fat!

As you all know, one of my goals for deployment has been to tone up and lose some body fat. My original goal was 2.5% - 3.5%. An attainable goal, but nothing too crazy. And my actual weight wasn't important to me, I was more focused on the body fat. But of course I will take any weight reduction I can get, I'm no fool.  

Throughout this whole process there have been good days and bad days. Good weeks and not so good weeks. I try to stay on track but sometimes wine or maybe even a delicious dessert get the better of me. When that happens all I can do is keep on trucking and work out hard and push myself the next day. And what keeps me motivated and on track is Wired Fitness Bootcamp! I have been going to classes for about a year now, and regularly for 7 months. And it definitely works. I am down 4lbs and 4% body fat in 4 months!!! I have surpassed my goal! I am so excited I really don't know what to do! Part of me wants to go work out and part of me wants to grab In-n-Out and reward myself! haha!!

So a quick thank you to Bryan and Amber and all the trainers at Wired Fitness! I enjoy every class even when it's a cardio ladder and I just want to give up! You have all kept me motivated and on track. And I am sure Matt will be thanking you too when he sees the results for himself in a few short months.

And to all the readers who are working on their own weight loss right can do it! Take it day by day and just keep going. Don't give up if you have a bad day or week, just keep trying. Find a class or sport that interests you and go often. If you hate it you won't keep it up, so find something you love. And make sure you are not only exercising, but eating healthy too! They go hand in hand. Plus, I notice the more I work out the more I want to eat healthy. Believe in you!

For anyone in the San Diego area that wants to do a serious workout, check out Wired Fitness Bootcamp! Or email me and we can go together. I know sometimes that first class is scary, especially if you don't know anyone.

Good luck! :)

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