Monday, May 23, 2011

weekend highlights: roc race and half way party

What a fabulous weekend. Where to start? Where to start? How about at the was a warm day on July 5, 1983...oops..haha. Not the beginning of about just this weekend yea? :)

Saturday was the day of the Roc Race. We picked the 9am time slot, I know, a little early, but boy am I glad we did. Yes we had to get up earlier, yes it was cool, yes it was cloudy. BUT, we got a great parking space, we warmed up minutes after starting (until we got hosed off) and we were one of the first few on the course. That meant it wasn't trashed and there weren't long lines to get through the obstacles.

at the start line!
monkey bars...these were tough
getting nice and wet

The race was a lot of fun! The obstacles weren't too tough and we made it through pretty quickly, 32 minutes! Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Go team sisters! And I walked away with a lovely party favor: a bruise and some scratches on my tushy. The one wet slide got the better of me and left a lasting impression. haha. Oh well, totally worth it. Awesome way to start the weekend.

finish line yay!

After getting home, showering and relaxing for a few hours (the race really drained me) I got ready for my next event of the day: the ship's half way party!! Yes, it's official, we are half way done with deployment. Finally!!

In honor of the milestone, the FRG put together a fab party: a Masquerade ball. (Of course I forgot it was themed and did not bring a cool maybe next time) It was held at Dave and Busters, where we had a private room. We had food, drinks, a raffle, and massages. We mingled and met new people and watched a super cute video the guys on the ship put together! It was so sweet. And Matt had a nice little message for me in it. And he was in the helicopter tower when he was talking, which was very sexy :)!

My only complaint: not very many people showed up! Come on spouses, where was the support? Get out there and meet your fellow navy peeps. It's always good to have more friends and to be more involved. Don't exclude yourself from the group, we're a friendly bunch!

Overall it was a good weekend. Got some exercise, crossed the half way point and celebrated it with some really awesome Navy spouses. Good times, good memories. Now if time would speed on up I would really appreciate it! I'm ready to have my hubby back!

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