Saturday, June 25, 2011

homemade chalkboard

The other day when I was out for a run I noticed this quaint little house with a festive red door. And on the front door was a little chalkboard that said "welcome". I thought it was so cute! I could picture one on our front door now....I could write "Welcome Home Matty" (when Matt finally gets home), or "have a great day" or "I love you" or anything I want. I decided I needed to get myself a front door chalkboard immediately. But you want to know how much something like that costs? Let me just say it was not as cheap as I was hoping, plus shipping, etc. So I decided I would make my own chalkboard! That's right, make one.

I drove myself over to BBB and picked up a sign in the shape I liked and sanded it down (well I made my Mom sand it down. Thanks Mom!):

Then I went to Home Depot and picked up a can of chalkboard paint and spray painted it. It was also my first time using spray paint (had to read the instructions)!

Ryan: "no sissy, please don't paint me"
all done! Time for it to dry

After letting it dry for 24 hours, then shading it with chalk, then erasing it, it was ready for use! Yay! I got some festive colored chalk from Michael's for super cheap and ta-da...
 my new front door welcome sign!

I think it looks fabulous! Plus, it was super easy and costs less than $10. If you have kids, this could be a great little art project to do together. You could also get one with a frame and paint the frame too. Happy painting everyone!


Meredith said...

I love this! So what kind of sign was it to begin with? Was it wooden? And it already had something written on it? Such a cute idea!!

First Lady C said...

It was a little "it's a wonderful life" sign I got from Bed Bath and Beyond. I liked the shape and yes it was wooden. We sanded it down and then spray painted it. I basically followed the instructions on the spray paint can.