Thursday, June 23, 2011

i love you because....

Today is all about Matt! Here are 10 things I love about Matt...

1. I love that you make sacrifices for our future without complaining. I know you don't always love your job, but you do it for us and for all the things we want to accomplish in life. Thank you.

2. I love how you have so many dreams and goals. They can be different from day to day and be anything from you wanting to be a swim coach, to us eventually getting an RV, but it shows me how excited and passionate you are about life. 

3. I love that you love music. All sorts of music. You have exposed me to so much! (and I've even tortured you with some NSYNC!) I love that we can enjoy it together, whether at a concert, or at home over dinner.

4. I love that we can enjoy so many outdoor activities together! From white water rafting, to bungee jumping, to scuba diving, we get to experience life and all these adventures side by side.

5. I love how you look in your uniform. Especially the khaki's. What? I had to throw it's true!!

6. I love the way you treat me. You make me feel so special and so loved each and every day. You know exactly what to do or say exactly when I need it.

7. I love how supportive you are. Whether I want to be a stay at home mom, work part time, or work full time, I know you will be there, supporting me no matter what. You want me to be happy and knowing you are encouraging me and that you believe in me, makes me the happiest girl on earth.

8. I love that you are so patient and understanding. I know you are going to be a great Dad. I can see you taking them to the park to play catch, teaching them to ride a bike, listening to them when they have a complaint, and loving them beyond words.

9. I love when you sing in the shower or play me a song on the guitar. You are so talented and so creative. I hope our kids get some of that musical ability from you (Lord knows I have none). We can have our own little band. :)

10. I love how ambitious you are. Whether it's with your job, our trip to New Zealand, or about having kids. You don't just let things happen to you, you make them happen. You put in the time and energy so we can be knowledgeable and prepared. You make sure we have the best experience/outcome possible.

Bonus #11: I love your cuddle skills! Super good cuddler! Can't wait for lots of those when you get home! :)

Mr H getting some cuddle time in.
Love Matty's face in this pic.

Love you baby!!

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