Tuesday, June 21, 2011

weekend highlight: mom & the pups come out to play!

It sure was a beach filled weekend for me! Mom and the pups came down for a visit, meaning each and every day revolved around dog beach. And boy was Harley sooooo excited about that! We went every single day they were here. I thought that by the end of the weekend, after 3 days at the beach, Harley's manners would be better...nope. He was still a crazy, out of control, bossy fool. But he had a great time. In fact, we all did:

Jack and Ryan
Harley, acting a fool

swim time
handsome boys

It was great to spend some quality time with Mom and the boys. I know Harley enjoyed seeing his Uncle Jack and Uncle Ryan too. Besides the beach we also enjoyed some family dinners, lunch outdoors with all the dogs, a pedicure, and lots of couch cuddles. It was a pretty relaxing and fun weekend. Ok, time to go vacuum and clean up all the golden hair and sand.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

kiss for my frenchie

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