Friday, July 15, 2011

almost home!!

Holy Moly time is flying by right now!!! We are officially over 75% done with deployment!! Check out my donut:

**note: this is not 100% accurate due to OPSEC rules, but you get the's close!**

We are so close to Matt's return home I am starting to get a little nervous. And I am so busy I am concerned I won't have everything ready in time. I still have a lot of wedding related events in the next few weeks (which will keep me busy). Then BAM, he will almost be here. I will have all sorts of last minute errands like getting the house is ready, buying stuff to make the welcome home dinner, stocking the fridge with beer, and picking out a super cute dress! I'm excited, happy, nervous, and a little stressed. Mixed emotions for sure. 

According to the stages of deployment I am right on track:

Stage 5: Anticipation of Homecoming (up to 6 weeks before homecoming) :Feelings of joy and excitement, as well as apprehension, surface. This is a time to re-evaluate the marriage. That hole that was left by the deployed spouse has been filled with other activities. Effort is given to "cleaning house" in order to make room for the returning spouse. " I want him/her back, but what am I going to have to give up?" These are real feelings that may cause nervousness, tension and apprehension. Spouses returning from deployment may have feelings such as, "How have we changed? How will I be accepted? Will the children dog know me? Does my family still need me?" Restlessness and confusion may occur. Decisions become harder and may be postponed until after homecoming.

Yep that sounds about right. I am definitely starting to do the "postponing of decisions". I think "Well Matt is almost home so why not wait until he is here and then we can make the decision together?!" (perfect  example is our vacation planning). I also have the "nesting" urge to clean everything! haha! Calm down Shannon, you still have time. lol. Ahhh the ups and downs of deployment. I am just ready for it to be over so we can be together again! Soooo close!!

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