Tuesday, July 26, 2011

life with a roommate

As most of you know, my sister moved in with me around the time Matt left for deployment. She broke up with her boyfriend and was looking to get out and save some money. So she asked to move in with me and I agreed. I wanted to be the nice big sister and help out. She could stay with me rent free while Matt was gone and we could hang out and spend time together (do some bonding).

The plan was to have her cook most of the time and we would split the cleaning (yay!). I had visions of her helping me with dishes, laundry and the dogs. Some of that came true, and some of it, not so much. There have been ups and downs, but overall I think we have done pretty well living together this second time around. I definitely enjoy the company! And all the trashy shows reality TV. :)

And just the other day I stumbled upon an article I found to be quite useful. Whether you live with a guy, a roommate, or a relative, we could all use this advice.

five ways to divide housework with your guy sister:

1. Communicate: this is key to any relationship. We are so-so in this area. We talk about all sorts of stuff and like hanging out together, but if she does something to make me mad, I usually don't bring it up. I know I should, because it's not healthy to hold it in, but confrontation...eeek. And the awkward silence that follows....double eek!

2. Take Turns: We usually try to take turns doing the daily chores like dishes, garbage, etc. This works out ok, occasionally someone needs to be reminded it's their turn to do a chore. Dog poo just got added to the list too. Fun fun.

3. Have realistic expectations: Ok, I definitely do not have realistic expectations. I'm a neat freak. I love a clean house. That's the only bummer about having a roommate (of any kind), things aren't always the way you like it. That counter you just cleaned yesterday? crumbs....everywhere. Dirty socks all over the floor? Not cool. Gotta learn to just let is go. Pick your battles and work as a team as best you can. I'm trying. :)

4. Divide and Conquer: We do this! Sara cooks, I do the dishes. When we clean the house she does the kitchen, I do the dusting. It definitely takes half the time to clean the whole house when someone else is there helping!

5. Learn to live with messes. No....I don't want to live with a mess.....

Living with a roommate is very different from living with you husband. With Matt, if I need his help, I ask right away. I don't try and take it all on. And if he does something to annoy me, I speak up. We both do. We have to live with each other forever, we need to be able to communicate and work out any issues. I think we work pretty well as a team. But that's why we got married right? :)

Now when Matty returns, and all three of us are living together for a little while....uh oh. Actually, I think fighting over the TV will be the biggest issue. Baby, I'm warning you now, I'm a reality show junkie. Do they have rehab for that? lol.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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