Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the rebuttal

Dear Mr Harsley,

Hi buddy. I am very excited to see you too! I have been gone for far too long but we will be reunited before you know it! And yes, we can go to the beach when I get home. As for the changes that have been made since I left, I have a few comments/suggestions:

1. People food is for people. Jerky and carrots will be distributed to those who patiently wait and do tricks.

2. Dog beach visits are allowable based on good behavior or if there starts to be too many instances of sprinting around the house like a crazy dog.

3. Although protesting may be spot is my spot, no exceptions.

4. Special attention will be abundant upon my return. Reciprocation is mandatory.

5. Mommy and Daddy will work on a more long term solution for a playmate for you upon my return (brown chicken brown cow).

Sending love and cuddles your way. See you soon buddy!!


1 comment:

Jessica said...

Hmmmm good rebuttal though I'm having a hard time believing Matt wrote "brown chicken brown cow" LOL