Thursday, July 14, 2011

wine, lilies, and drag queens

Now that I have finally managed to upload my pictures I can give you all the proper recap of my birthday....more like my birthday week. what? doesn't everyone do a birthday week? Shoot...I would do a birthday month if I could get away with it! :)

First up: Flowers! I got a gorgeous set of stargazer lilies from Matty, and a cute multicolored set of roses and lilies from Rachel and Sara.


Don't they just make you smile?? I love flowers, especially when I get them at work. Makes me feel very special! And they made my office smell fantastic. After work Sara, Nicolas, Chris, Brandy and I went out to dinner at this cute Italian place on Coronado. It was so yummy! We enjoyed some great food and fabulous wine. Lots of wine. Followed by a donut hole cake (thanks Sara!):

super creative and very yummy!

On Saturday a bunch of us girls got together for a birthday dinner and drag show at Lips! I had never been there before and figured my birthday was not complete without a drag show. It was really fun and I was so happy to be able to share the experience with some wonderful ladies!

the hostess, me, and birthday picture
Kiki is squeezing my butt pretty hard at this moment

And to complete the birthday week celebrations we took a trip to Temecula to do a little wine tasting. Birthday Wine!! And yes, I told many wineries it was my birthday in hopes of free tastings :). It worked about half the time. It was a gorgeous day out....perfect for wine.
the girls

Mmmm wine. We stopped at 5 wineries, enjoyed a picnic lunch at one of them, and stayed until closing time. Yep, they had to kick us out. And yes, I drank a lot. Gotta get my moneys worth right? It was a really fun day and fabulous birthday. Of course I wish Matt could have been a part of it, but we can celebrate both our birthdays when he gets back home.

wine. lilies. drag queens. damn that's a good birthday.

Thank you to everyone that shared in my special week!! Love you all!

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