Thursday, August 18, 2011're going down.

Is it possible for time to fly by and to crawl at the same time? It sure feels that way to me! The deployment really has flown by. I cannot believe we are in the final few weeks and it is almost over! And at the same time it feels like time has all of a sudden stopped. Maybe its because I am now counting down every day. In the past I was counting down by groups of 10 days or more and mostly trying to ignore the countdown all together. I prefer to be distracted by work or events or anything else I have going on. But lately I just keep torturing myself! It's like I'm counting down the hours (unfortunately I do know how many hours til he gets home. lol), and we all know that just makes things seem so much longer!

So....who wants to see the donut of misery?? It's awfully green....which I LOVE to see! :)

94% done! Insanity I tell you! Holy Moly. We really have kicked this deployments butt and boy I can't wait to celebrate its official end in a few short weeks! And in the meantime I plan to keep myself occupied by cleaning the house, hanging the banner, gathering all the requested food items, loading up on much needed alcohol, and watching my bestie Jessica Absher marry the very special Joe Burgess. (collective awwwwww). One more week Jess! :)


Jessica said...

YAY! Yay to everything about this post :)

Samantha said...

woohoo! Green is good!! Last few weeks drag but luckily the wedding festivities should keep you busy, not to mention cleaning your already clean house. We know you too well and I'll bet $100 your house is already super clean :) May the next few weeks fly by for you!

First Lady C said...

I think you would win that bet Samyjo! haha. Sara's friends have given me the new nickname "Danny Tanner" LOL. What can I say? I want it to be perfect! haha <3 u!