Wednesday, August 24, 2011

getting involved

Last weekend I went to the monthly Fun Bunch event. We met up at a super fabulous house in Chula Vista, had drinks and snacks and chatted the afternoon away. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoy hanging out with these ladies. It had been a while since I had been to an event (weddings, family, & work got in the way) so it was good to do a little catching up! And while I was there I learned about a few other navy spouse organizations in San Diego.

My friend Brandy is involved in NOSC (Navy Officer's Spouses Club), in fact she is on the board (way more involved than I want to be) and has recommended I go to the Welcome Social and see what it's all about. The only drawback is the annual fee: $27. Now I know that is not a lot of money, and if it goes towards the monthly events I really shouldn't complain, but dang I hate paying to be a part of an organization. Ahh...I will probably go and check it out. I love Brandy and she says there are a lot of cool ladies that go to these events. And my motto is: you can never have enough friends....especially Navy friends. We move a lot and it is always good to know someone in your new location!

Another friend of mine, Dennis, is a part of the SOS (Surface Officers' Spouses Club) here in San Diego. He is also on the board and does a lot with them in his free time. At first I thought this was for Surface Warfare Officers only, but apparently it's for anyone. They do fun monthly events and I was told there is a lot of wine involved. Pretty easy to convince me to join when wine is involved! They also have an annual fee (boo), but again, $20 isn't too bad.

So the question involved should I get? I know that I definitely want to stay away from anything with too much responsibility. I also don't want to be spending all my free time planning events or even attending them. I need a good balance. Attending one or two a month is fine with me, I get to meet some new people and it should leave me with plenty of other free time. Although since Matt is almost back I really have less of a desire to get involved. I know, kinda sad, but when you haven't seen your hubby in 7 months, spending time with a bunch of girls isn't #1 on your list! LOL! Overall though, I think they are both really good organizations. I will probably venture out, check out an event or two and see how I like it. Like I said before: doesn't hurt to make more friends! :)


Samantha said...

I just joined our Officer's spouses club so we'll see how it goes. If you join, we can share our stories (or bitch about them) depending on how it goes ;) I think our fee is $30 which isn't too bad. We just paid $200 for some other Army membership, now that seems a little too high! Let me know if you end up joining!

Brandy said...

Ok so the dues go to activities like the wine event that's free to members and a fee other things, but mostly helps us to fund events to raise money for military dependents' scholarships and charities like Wounded Warrior and the USO (grand masters of ship homecomings and airport liaisons). :) A decent bottle of wine costs about that and you'll end up drinking more than that for free at these events. Just saying....