Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yesterday was a bootcamp day. Let me start off by saying I was not super motivated and a little tired, but since it was the 4:30pm class I decided to just go. I knew I would feel better after. However, if I had known I was going to be brutally attacked during the class I may have reconsidered and maybe gone for a nice relaxing run instead. But bootcamp won....

My bootcamp classes are outdoors at Mission Bay park, right on the water. We do all sorts of crazy things and usually quite a bit of rolling around on the grass. Mid-class the exercise listed was "run up the hill, bear crawl down". Hopefully all of you can picture a bear crawl...but basically you are a bear. Helpful, I know. Anywho...half way down the hill the attack happened. As I put my hand down on the grass BAM...I was a BEE!! How rude!! It's not like I was in his space or something. I quickly pulled the stinger out, and then continued on my bear crawl way down the hill. Burning and pain ensued...but I pushed through. Hey, the class was almost over and I'm no quitter. 

That evening I even forgot I had been stung. I cooked dinner, painted my nails, watched some TV. However, when I woke up this morning, I noticed the damage the bee had done:

I can only hope the jerk died after stinging me. I wonder if the fact it's my middle finger means anything? hmmm....and side note: not easy to type with a swollen finger....hence the ice in the background.

The price I pay to be fit.

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Samantha said...

"I'm no quitter" - love it!