Wednesday, August 17, 2011

vegas, i love you

This recap is long overdue. I could bore you with lame excuses, but I would rather just talk about all the fun we had in Vegas.....

I headed to Vegas for a very special occasion: Miss Jen Swan's bachelorette party! woo hoo!! And you all know what that means: penis related items everywhere! Penis straws, penis shot glass, blow up penis, and Phil (the giant penis cup). Trust me when I tell you: these make Vegas sooooo much more fun (if that is even possible). After decorating the room and tapping into the alcohol, we got ready and went out for some super yummy Mexican food.


Then we were off to my favorite Vegas show: Thunder from Down Under!! (yes, I admit, it is the only Vegas show I've been to, but it totally rocks!) I wish I had pictures to show you, but they don't allow them during the show and they charge an arm and a leg after the show for pictures with the guys. So....we improvised:

Jen & Colin, the hot Thunder guy. yum!

On Saturday we spent the whole day at the pool. And bonus: none of us got burnt!! Super surprised by that, but we were pretty religious about putting on that sunscreen. We spent the day hanging out with a bachelor party group, letting them buy us beer all day long. It was awesome!
the whole crew!
beer!! :)

We eventually dragged ourselves away from the fun in the sun and got ready for the night. We had dinner at a fabulous Italian place in New York, New York and then bar hopped. We hit up Coyote Ugly, the piano bar, and eventually club Rok. We danced and danced and had a great time. My feet were sore which means I worked it. Or my shoes suck....going with I worked it. :)

After a decent nights rest and some OJ and Vodka for breakfast we headed out for brunch at the MGM buffet! YUM! It was really good. I ate way too much, which made the drive home even coma. But you can't go to Vegas and not hit up at least one buffet.

Half of the girls departed on Sunday (darn you work for getting in the way!) and half stayed. Based on all the pictures I saw, it seems like they had a pretty good time. While cruising the strip they had quite an adventure. This is one of my favorite pics:

haha totally random...i love it!

This was such a great trip! It went by way too fast! I met some really cool girls and we had a fabulous time celebrating Jen. I am looking forward to seeing them all again very soon: 24 days! It is going to be an unforgettable wedding....dancing the night away and making even more great memories! See all you ladies soon! :)

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Samantha said...

Looks like a great trip- ah, love a Vegas girls trip. :)