Friday, September 30, 2011

the goodbye

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to a really awesome couple: Jon and Tina. They are leaving San Diego and moving to upstate New York to be closer to family. On their last night in SD, a few of us met up at a restaurant, enjoyed dinner and drinks, and then said our farewells. I know it's a part of Navy life, but it is still really hard to say goodbye.

We met Jon and Tina less than 2 years ago at a friend's wedding, and have been hanging out together in SD ever since. We have done a lot of fun activities, but I think our favorite is wine tasting.

wine tasting #1
wine tasting #2

We have had a lot of good times together and made a lot of really great memories. I am going to miss hanging out with them. They really are the nicest people. I don't think I could ever imagine Jon raising his voice, ever. He is so calm and laid back. And Tina, seriously the sweetest person in the world. They make a great couple and really compliment each other well. It's nice to be friends with another couple you have a lot in common with, and who you enjoy doing all sorts of activities with. We are really going to miss them.

But that's the thing about the Navy. You move, a lot. You get to a new place, make friends with all sorts of people, and then before you know it you are saying goodbye. Yes you get to travel around and live in a lot of fabulous cities, but leaving friends behind is hard. And keeping in touch, even harder. Of course there is facebook. Ah facebook. But in an ideal situation you would go see your friends at their new location, or they could come and see you. But with family living all over the US, they want to see you as much as possible too. And you need a vacation alone sometimes as well! It's so hard to balance it all. I really hope we can make it out to see Jon and Tina when they get settled. Especially since Matt went to college in that area and is so excited to go back and visit. And I do hope it's sooner rather than later, but with our families and our busy life, we just don't know. And that is also really sad. Maybe we will tag along with Chris and Brandy when they go out and visit and make it a group trip. I know that would be a lot of fun. Only time will tell.

People come in and out of our lives. We need to make the most of the time we are given with those people, because life will take us in all sorts of different directions and you want to look back on that time together and smile.

Good luck Jon and Tina! You are going to be so happy out there. We will miss you tons! Safe travels and keep in touch! :)

a giggle for your friday

a funny picture of me from the bootcamp challenge.....definitely not my best look, but pretty hilarious!

I think this is when I hurt my booty. As you can see, I just wanted to get off that wall!!!! Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?? LOL!

Happy Friday

Thursday, September 29, 2011

sunday funday

This last Sunday was a pretty exciting "first" for Matt: he went to his first NFL game! We have been to a few college games together in DC, and I had been to some NFL games in the past, but this was Matt's first, and obviously our first one together. After looking at the schedule, and the price of the tickets, we decided the game against Kansas City would be the best. Hopefully the Chargers would kick some butt, and we could get really awesome seats for pretty cheap. We ended up sitting right on the 50 yard line, 15 rows back. Amazing seats! And what a great view! The crowd was rowdy and so much fun. Watching a game at home is great because you have your bathroom close, food and beer is free, and you can relax on your couch. But sitting in the stands with all the other fans, rooting on your team, you just can't beat that. High fiving each other when the Chargers score, booing when the ref makes a bad call, mob mentality for sure.

us at the game!
super close seats!

After the game, and the Chargers big win, we headed over to one of my favorite bars: McGreggors! I used to go there all the time in college, ahhh the memories. We watched a little more football there, had some food, and then headed home. It was such a fun day and a great way to spend a Sunday. I know Matt loved his first NFL experience. We are already talking about going to another game this season.

Goooo Chargers!!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

saturday butt kicking

Go for a 3 mile run on a Saturday morning? OK! Add in some obstacles along the way? Sure, why not. Top it off with a bunch of Marines yelling at you about how much you suck? Ummm....

What I thought would be a fairly easy 3 mile run with a couple of obstacles turned in to a whole lot more, and it was all my idea. 

I like doing 5k's and thought this one had a fun twist. Matt was not excited for one main reason: the Marines. He did not want to re-live any of his bootcamp days. It took a little convincing but he finally agreed to run the race with me. yay! At 9am we were at the start line ready to take on the course. Considering the obstacles, I wanted us to finish in under 35 minutes. I wasn't sure how long they would take, if there would be long lines of people, etc. We positioned ourselves towards the front of the pack and took off at a good solid pace. It started out fairly easy, there were quite a few hay stacks we had to clear and a lot of running. And then we rounded the corner and saw the obstacle course. Holy Moly. It is quite scary from afar and not much better up close. There was a lot jumping over logs, crawling under ropes, crawling through tunnels and more jumping over logs.

It was a lot of stuff I was not used to doing. At all. At one point I was trying to clear a wall and a Marine started yelling at me to "get off his course".... I tried to hurry up and clear the wall (all while yelling "YES SIR!!!"), landing hard on my left butt cheek and then quickly jumping off the wall. Pretty sure that not so fabulous maneuver is going to leave a bruise. In fact, it hurt to run after that. After that course all I wanted to do was walk. I needed rest bad. But Matt was right beside me and I couldn't give up! I had to keep going so we could finish strong! After few more haystacks and another round of push ups we finally turned the corner and saw the finish line. At that point we start sprinting to the end. We crossed the finish line after just 25 minutes! Yay! SOOOO much better than I thought. We kicked some butt. I can't believe we made it through all that in under 25 mins. No wonder I was exhausted and ready to quit.

we finally finished!

It was definitely much harder and way more challenging than I thought it would be, but I am so glad we did it. It was the first race we ran together and we stuck it out, motivating each other to the end. I know I probably would have slowed down and maybe even started walking if Matt hadn't been there to tell me I could do it. It was a great team effort: Go Team Clute!

Friday, September 23, 2011

can i get some help over here please?

Ok people, listen up. Our anniversary is coming up in exactly one month. Eeek! I was just informed by my lovely and thoughtful husband that he has already purchased a gift for me (besides the obvious flowers). Uh oh. I was kinda hoping to maybe just take a trip or something and not exchange gifts....probably not going to happen. So, I need help. I need to come up with a super awesome gift. The traditional gift is leather. I could go with something leather-ish. No good ideas are coming to mind at the moment. He has also mentioned wanting clothes, but I would prefer not to give him a gift card. Kinda lame and boring. Definitely want something a little more creative or meaningful. Now of course he had to go on and say I don't have to get him anything, the only thing that matters is that I get something and I'm happy. Dang it. Very sweet but now I REALLY feel like I gotta step up my game and find the perfect gift.

I was thinking a new puppy...not on his list, but wouldn't that be a fun surprise?!

I am taking any and all suggestions.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

spectacular clute celebration

I was actually going to write this post last week, but then Matt started pulling out my chair and everyone wanted to know what life with the hubby was like, so I thought I would save it up and write it this week. So here we are.....time for the Clute Wedding Recap!

Matt flew out to DC on Wednesday before the wedding....he had a special event to attend....the Bachelor party!! From what I was told they went gambling and did lots of drinking. He also came home with a wicked bruise on his leg. This may have been from holding on to the cooler while playing in the river....not quite sure but that is quite the parting gift.

I arrived on Thursday and headed straight to DC to meet up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while. Everything took an extra long time, topped off with traffic and rain, I was late, but so glad I went. We enjoyed drinks and a little dancing at the Front Page in DC. Lots of my old coworkers made it out and my two favorite peeps: Alan and Meredith stuck it out all night with me. Just like old times. We even made a late night (much needed) trip to McD's. YUM! haha. It was an awesome night! Great memories, great friends.


Friday, after dragging myself out of bed and getting ready I made it over to the Swan house and started in on wedding stuff. I was definitely expecting to see a couple of stressed out people running around like chickens with their heads cut off but was surprised that everyone was fairly calm. It was a pretty chill morning and everyone was super excited to get the festivities started! We helped with the favors and hung out and talked. Then a few of us girls took off for lunch and nails (my fav part). I even made a new friend. She is a fellow bridesmaid, write a super cute blog, a little bit of this, and has one adorable daughter. Kim ~ I love you! After some pampering and lots of talking we made it over to the venue, checked in, was reunited with the hubby, and started getting ready for rehearsal.

Rehearsal went well (minus the millions of mosquito's hoovering and looking for blood), we are all pros (I've been in 4 weddings) and knocked it out in 20 mins or so. Then it was off to dinner!! The restaurant was right across the street (and by "street" I mean sidewalk), very convenient. In fact, everything was on site. Everything. Everyone stayed at various little hotels throughout the property (us crazies were all in one), there was a restaurant, a bar, a lake, breakfast, etc. And you could walk to it all. Perfect. At the nearby bbq restaurant we enjoyed drinks, delicious food and the company of great people. Matt and I had a lot of catching up with family to do too. We hadn't seen people in a long time so it was nice to get the entire Clute family in one room! After most of the guests went to bed, us youngins' headed off to the bar, which was across the street. That was so much fun. This place had everything: darts, pool, foosball, and the Clute favorite: karaoke!! We sang lots of songs...yep I did too. I was hesitant until I was digging through the CDs and found country songs!!! Jackpot! After that it was on and we were all fighting over the microphone. haha. It was a super fun night, even if someone got drunk and had to be carried home (you know who you are. love you k!).

Saturday was the big day! Finally! We all met up for breakfast in the main house, then it was off to take a quick shower and start getting ready! Hair, makeup, lunch, etc. All the bridesmaid and the bride-to-be hung out in the suite in the main house. Time definitely seemed to go slow (surprisingly!) and we were anxious to just get it started!! And once the photographers arrived, BAM, time flew by.
Jen & I all ready to go!

Jim and Jen did their photos, then it was wedding party, etc. And finally it was wedding time!! The ceremony was gorgeous, everything went perfectly and Jen looked stunning. Could not have been better. Not to mention the weather was perfect. Just perfect.

After a few family photos we were off to the cocktail hour and then the reception! Dinner was delicious and the drinks were flowing. Once the music started it was insane. There was a ton of dancing, and a lot of time spent in the photo booth.
We ended the night back at our hotel where we stayed up until 3am talking and drinking beers. Waking up to the aftermath of all the empty beer cans was actually pretty hilarious. It was obvious everyone had a lot of fun and Jen and Jim put on one hell of a party.
the happy couple

It was such a fun weekend. We got to visit with family. We met some really amazing people. And we got to be a part of a very special love story for a very special couple. You made it Jim and Jen. You are "Here".

Check out the chalkboard.....
We love you!!! :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

a new trend

Today, as Matt and I were out to lunch with our Investment manager (who also does our life insurance which I highly recommend!!), I noticed a little trend. He has started pulling out my chair for me. It happened last weekend at Jim & Jen's wedding and then again today. At first I thought it was a fluke. We were standing up in front of at least a hundred people, he wanted to look like a gentleman (which he is). But then it happened again today.....not a fluke, totally a trend. I think I can definitely get used to this. Perhaps I will even get a car door ever now and again. Who knew he was picking up these kind of skills on deployment?! This is really awesome and hopefully it's something that will continue. Note to self: say thank you. Praise goes a long way!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

life with the hubby

I am sure everyone is wondering what it is like to have Matt home again. It's great! It's actually really easy and, for me at least, like he never left. We pretty much just picked up right where we left off. I know for Matt it feels like he was gone forever and it was the longest 7 months of his life. I feel really bad for him, but for me time flew by and I still can't believe he was gone for 7 months. Craziness.

After all that time there was definitely some adjusting we had to do. While Matt was gone I handled all the finances (he did almost all of it before), so turning it back over to him is odd. I still haven't relinquished full control yet, but I'm phasing myself out. haha. I also ran the house by myself and did everything that needed to be done, including maintenance and cleaning, etc. After Matt returned he wanted me to give him a list of things to do. OK! This is a pretty easy adjustment and one I am very thankful for. It's always nice to have a spouse that is willing to help whenever he can. It sure takes a load off me! The biggest adjustment we (Harley and I) had to make, was sharing the bed. Harley usually sleeps on Matt's side, so when Matt got home he was moved to the foot of the bed, which during the night progresses to my side of the bed. So now Harley and I share half, and Daddy gets half. Not quite fair, but we make do. Even with those little "adjustments", having Matt home has been amazing. I have my running partner back, Matt cooks me dinner and has it ready right when I get home, and we have those long bedtime talks I missed so much.

Deployment definitely changes people and relationships. They will never be the same as they were before. I haven't quite figured out all the ways in which ours has changed, but I do know that we communicate a lot better now, we appreciate each other and everything we have, and we don't ever want to do another deployment again!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I know....I know....I owe everyone a post or two. I promise I will write one tomorrow.  :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

let's get this party started!!

It's hard to believe that summer is over and wedding season is coming to an end. This weekend is our final wedding celebration of the year, a pretty important and exciting one too.....The Clutes!! Jim Clute (Matt's bro) and Jen Swan will be getting hitched in beautiful Virginia on Saturday. Matt left Wednesday to start the weekend off with a bang: the bachelor party! I take off today and will be spending the evening with some friends I haven't seen in forever. Then we have the rehearsal dinner and the wedding and then most of the day on Sunday to recover from all the fun. It will be great to catch up with the fam and celebrate the love of Jen and Jim. They are a very genuine and loving couple. The love they share is real, and the relationship they have built will last forever. They are open and honest, and really are best friends. We wish them all the joy and love in the world. Love you both!! See you soon!

awwww :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Matt is finally home!!

It actually happened, Matt finally made it home from deployment! The night before his arrival I was a nervous wreck. I could not decide what I wanted to wear. It was not a difficult decision, but I just could not figure out which one was "the one". And I definitely did not sleep well at all. I was tossing and turning, my mind was going a million miles a minute and I was afraid I would over sleep and miss his arrival. By 5am I decided it was time to get up. I wasn't actually sleeping so I might as well start getting ready. We left the house at 645am, parked, took the shuttle, and walked into the terminal. I checked the monitor to see if the flight would be early but I didn't see it listed. I thought that was weird, but we kept walking and when I didn't see it on the next monitor I realized the problem: he was flying in to the commuter terminal instead! EEK!! The car was not close at all, so getting in the car and driving to the commuter terminal was not an option. We figured out there was a terminal loop bus and got in line for that. It was now 7am and his plane was supposed to land at 720am....if it was on time and not early. After waiting 10+ minutes for the bus, we got on and I prayed that the lady would drive as fast as possible and every light would be green so I wouldn't miss his arrival. As we were sitting and waiting at the last light I find out the plane landed at was now 718am....NO!!! As soon as the bus stopped I took off like a mad woman and ran through the terminal (in heels) praying that he wasn't off the plane yet. And he wasn't! Thank God! After some deep breaths I was ready for him to get off the plane! Give me my Matty!!! After what felt like forever he finally made it off and started walking towards his uniform!! :) He looked so handsome!! As soon as I saw him come through the doors I was a goner....tears of joy were streaming down my face. I missed him so much! And he was finally home. I could not be happier....and he just wanted to get the hell out of that airport!

the whole thing, caught on tape!

After many more pictures and hugs later we finally made it home. And then the second most important reunion: Mr H! After unloading the car, Matt went to take off his uniform (in case the dogs were dirty). I think Harley knew something was up because he was making the weirdest whining noise I have ever heard. Plus he was barking and jumping at the door like a mad man. I have a feeling he heard or saw Matt and wanted to get inside to see him!! So we eventually let him in and boy was Harley excited. Much more than normal. I would say he definitely remembered Daddy and missed him a lot!!

You can hear the weird whine right in the beginning. Listen closely, it's not very loud.

We spent the rest of the morning hanging out at home doing nothing. I made us breakfast, we watched some House Hunters and then Matt went down for a nap. I eventually went to work and stared at my computer for 4 miserable hours before caving and going back home. I made us a delicious meatloaf for dinner, we watched a movie, then got in bed (with the pups too) and talked. One of my favorite things in the world. It was fabulous and it really felt like he never left. I am so happy to finally have him home. All feels right again.