Friday, September 30, 2011

the goodbye

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to a really awesome couple: Jon and Tina. They are leaving San Diego and moving to upstate New York to be closer to family. On their last night in SD, a few of us met up at a restaurant, enjoyed dinner and drinks, and then said our farewells. I know it's a part of Navy life, but it is still really hard to say goodbye.

We met Jon and Tina less than 2 years ago at a friend's wedding, and have been hanging out together in SD ever since. We have done a lot of fun activities, but I think our favorite is wine tasting.

wine tasting #1
wine tasting #2

We have had a lot of good times together and made a lot of really great memories. I am going to miss hanging out with them. They really are the nicest people. I don't think I could ever imagine Jon raising his voice, ever. He is so calm and laid back. And Tina, seriously the sweetest person in the world. They make a great couple and really compliment each other well. It's nice to be friends with another couple you have a lot in common with, and who you enjoy doing all sorts of activities with. We are really going to miss them.

But that's the thing about the Navy. You move, a lot. You get to a new place, make friends with all sorts of people, and then before you know it you are saying goodbye. Yes you get to travel around and live in a lot of fabulous cities, but leaving friends behind is hard. And keeping in touch, even harder. Of course there is facebook. Ah facebook. But in an ideal situation you would go see your friends at their new location, or they could come and see you. But with family living all over the US, they want to see you as much as possible too. And you need a vacation alone sometimes as well! It's so hard to balance it all. I really hope we can make it out to see Jon and Tina when they get settled. Especially since Matt went to college in that area and is so excited to go back and visit. And I do hope it's sooner rather than later, but with our families and our busy life, we just don't know. And that is also really sad. Maybe we will tag along with Chris and Brandy when they go out and visit and make it a group trip. I know that would be a lot of fun. Only time will tell.

People come in and out of our lives. We need to make the most of the time we are given with those people, because life will take us in all sorts of different directions and you want to look back on that time together and smile.

Good luck Jon and Tina! You are going to be so happy out there. We will miss you tons! Safe travels and keep in touch! :)

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Tina Costolo said...

Shannon, this is absolutely the sweetest post ever! You made me cry (of course, haha)! We are going to miss you and Matt so much! It's been so wonderful getting to know you both these past couple of years! We really do hope you guys come and visit us! We love you! :)