Wednesday, September 14, 2011

life with the hubby

I am sure everyone is wondering what it is like to have Matt home again. It's great! It's actually really easy and, for me at least, like he never left. We pretty much just picked up right where we left off. I know for Matt it feels like he was gone forever and it was the longest 7 months of his life. I feel really bad for him, but for me time flew by and I still can't believe he was gone for 7 months. Craziness.

After all that time there was definitely some adjusting we had to do. While Matt was gone I handled all the finances (he did almost all of it before), so turning it back over to him is odd. I still haven't relinquished full control yet, but I'm phasing myself out. haha. I also ran the house by myself and did everything that needed to be done, including maintenance and cleaning, etc. After Matt returned he wanted me to give him a list of things to do. OK! This is a pretty easy adjustment and one I am very thankful for. It's always nice to have a spouse that is willing to help whenever he can. It sure takes a load off me! The biggest adjustment we (Harley and I) had to make, was sharing the bed. Harley usually sleeps on Matt's side, so when Matt got home he was moved to the foot of the bed, which during the night progresses to my side of the bed. So now Harley and I share half, and Daddy gets half. Not quite fair, but we make do. Even with those little "adjustments", having Matt home has been amazing. I have my running partner back, Matt cooks me dinner and has it ready right when I get home, and we have those long bedtime talks I missed so much.

Deployment definitely changes people and relationships. They will never be the same as they were before. I haven't quite figured out all the ways in which ours has changed, but I do know that we communicate a lot better now, we appreciate each other and everything we have, and we don't ever want to do another deployment again!!!


Meredith said...

Glad to hear things are back to normal with Matty being home.

And I'm quite familiar with that sleeping arrangement... me and the bulldog on one side, Hubby on the other. I think I'm asking for a King-size bed for Christmas!!

Sami93 said...

Hello, I am not sure if I have commented on your post before but I was wondering if you had any advice for a "Naval Officer's wife in traning" as my boyfriend so kindly calls me. lol. He is in the NROTC program and commissions in two years, it is so close yet so far away that I feel comfort in seeking advice by way of: Deployments, my behavior, moving...and everything. He bought me the book "Married to the Military" a couple years ago and I love it...but I am not satisfied by just that lol. Please give me an email back when you have the time.

Thank you SO much!