Thursday, September 1, 2011

Matt is finally home!!

It actually happened, Matt finally made it home from deployment! The night before his arrival I was a nervous wreck. I could not decide what I wanted to wear. It was not a difficult decision, but I just could not figure out which one was "the one". And I definitely did not sleep well at all. I was tossing and turning, my mind was going a million miles a minute and I was afraid I would over sleep and miss his arrival. By 5am I decided it was time to get up. I wasn't actually sleeping so I might as well start getting ready. We left the house at 645am, parked, took the shuttle, and walked into the terminal. I checked the monitor to see if the flight would be early but I didn't see it listed. I thought that was weird, but we kept walking and when I didn't see it on the next monitor I realized the problem: he was flying in to the commuter terminal instead! EEK!! The car was not close at all, so getting in the car and driving to the commuter terminal was not an option. We figured out there was a terminal loop bus and got in line for that. It was now 7am and his plane was supposed to land at 720am....if it was on time and not early. After waiting 10+ minutes for the bus, we got on and I prayed that the lady would drive as fast as possible and every light would be green so I wouldn't miss his arrival. As we were sitting and waiting at the last light I find out the plane landed at was now 718am....NO!!! As soon as the bus stopped I took off like a mad woman and ran through the terminal (in heels) praying that he wasn't off the plane yet. And he wasn't! Thank God! After some deep breaths I was ready for him to get off the plane! Give me my Matty!!! After what felt like forever he finally made it off and started walking towards his uniform!! :) He looked so handsome!! As soon as I saw him come through the doors I was a goner....tears of joy were streaming down my face. I missed him so much! And he was finally home. I could not be happier....and he just wanted to get the hell out of that airport!

the whole thing, caught on tape!

After many more pictures and hugs later we finally made it home. And then the second most important reunion: Mr H! After unloading the car, Matt went to take off his uniform (in case the dogs were dirty). I think Harley knew something was up because he was making the weirdest whining noise I have ever heard. Plus he was barking and jumping at the door like a mad man. I have a feeling he heard or saw Matt and wanted to get inside to see him!! So we eventually let him in and boy was Harley excited. Much more than normal. I would say he definitely remembered Daddy and missed him a lot!!

You can hear the weird whine right in the beginning. Listen closely, it's not very loud.

We spent the rest of the morning hanging out at home doing nothing. I made us breakfast, we watched some House Hunters and then Matt went down for a nap. I eventually went to work and stared at my computer for 4 miserable hours before caving and going back home. I made us a delicious meatloaf for dinner, we watched a movie, then got in bed (with the pups too) and talked. One of my favorite things in the world. It was fabulous and it really felt like he never left. I am so happy to finally have him home. All feels right again.


Meredith said...

Just watched the videos and they made me cry! So glad Matty is home!!!

The Little Bit said...

I just cried my eyeballs out. I LOVE YOU TWO!

Laura said...

I'm a sucker for deployment reunion stories, and yours is SO sweet. My husband was deployed three times with the Air Force and I love the day before he would come home. It was SO exciting!