Monday, September 26, 2011

saturday butt kicking

Go for a 3 mile run on a Saturday morning? OK! Add in some obstacles along the way? Sure, why not. Top it off with a bunch of Marines yelling at you about how much you suck? Ummm....

What I thought would be a fairly easy 3 mile run with a couple of obstacles turned in to a whole lot more, and it was all my idea. 

I like doing 5k's and thought this one had a fun twist. Matt was not excited for one main reason: the Marines. He did not want to re-live any of his bootcamp days. It took a little convincing but he finally agreed to run the race with me. yay! At 9am we were at the start line ready to take on the course. Considering the obstacles, I wanted us to finish in under 35 minutes. I wasn't sure how long they would take, if there would be long lines of people, etc. We positioned ourselves towards the front of the pack and took off at a good solid pace. It started out fairly easy, there were quite a few hay stacks we had to clear and a lot of running. And then we rounded the corner and saw the obstacle course. Holy Moly. It is quite scary from afar and not much better up close. There was a lot jumping over logs, crawling under ropes, crawling through tunnels and more jumping over logs.

It was a lot of stuff I was not used to doing. At all. At one point I was trying to clear a wall and a Marine started yelling at me to "get off his course".... I tried to hurry up and clear the wall (all while yelling "YES SIR!!!"), landing hard on my left butt cheek and then quickly jumping off the wall. Pretty sure that not so fabulous maneuver is going to leave a bruise. In fact, it hurt to run after that. After that course all I wanted to do was walk. I needed rest bad. But Matt was right beside me and I couldn't give up! I had to keep going so we could finish strong! After few more haystacks and another round of push ups we finally turned the corner and saw the finish line. At that point we start sprinting to the end. We crossed the finish line after just 25 minutes! Yay! SOOOO much better than I thought. We kicked some butt. I can't believe we made it through all that in under 25 mins. No wonder I was exhausted and ready to quit.

we finally finished!

It was definitely much harder and way more challenging than I thought it would be, but I am so glad we did it. It was the first race we ran together and we stuck it out, motivating each other to the end. I know I probably would have slowed down and maybe even started walking if Matt hadn't been there to tell me I could do it. It was a great team effort: Go Team Clute!

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Samantha said...

I love your game face at the finish line! Good job Team Clute!!