Wednesday, September 21, 2011

spectacular clute celebration

I was actually going to write this post last week, but then Matt started pulling out my chair and everyone wanted to know what life with the hubby was like, so I thought I would save it up and write it this week. So here we are.....time for the Clute Wedding Recap!

Matt flew out to DC on Wednesday before the wedding....he had a special event to attend....the Bachelor party!! From what I was told they went gambling and did lots of drinking. He also came home with a wicked bruise on his leg. This may have been from holding on to the cooler while playing in the river....not quite sure but that is quite the parting gift.

I arrived on Thursday and headed straight to DC to meet up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while. Everything took an extra long time, topped off with traffic and rain, I was late, but so glad I went. We enjoyed drinks and a little dancing at the Front Page in DC. Lots of my old coworkers made it out and my two favorite peeps: Alan and Meredith stuck it out all night with me. Just like old times. We even made a late night (much needed) trip to McD's. YUM! haha. It was an awesome night! Great memories, great friends.


Friday, after dragging myself out of bed and getting ready I made it over to the Swan house and started in on wedding stuff. I was definitely expecting to see a couple of stressed out people running around like chickens with their heads cut off but was surprised that everyone was fairly calm. It was a pretty chill morning and everyone was super excited to get the festivities started! We helped with the favors and hung out and talked. Then a few of us girls took off for lunch and nails (my fav part). I even made a new friend. She is a fellow bridesmaid, write a super cute blog, a little bit of this, and has one adorable daughter. Kim ~ I love you! After some pampering and lots of talking we made it over to the venue, checked in, was reunited with the hubby, and started getting ready for rehearsal.

Rehearsal went well (minus the millions of mosquito's hoovering and looking for blood), we are all pros (I've been in 4 weddings) and knocked it out in 20 mins or so. Then it was off to dinner!! The restaurant was right across the street (and by "street" I mean sidewalk), very convenient. In fact, everything was on site. Everything. Everyone stayed at various little hotels throughout the property (us crazies were all in one), there was a restaurant, a bar, a lake, breakfast, etc. And you could walk to it all. Perfect. At the nearby bbq restaurant we enjoyed drinks, delicious food and the company of great people. Matt and I had a lot of catching up with family to do too. We hadn't seen people in a long time so it was nice to get the entire Clute family in one room! After most of the guests went to bed, us youngins' headed off to the bar, which was across the street. That was so much fun. This place had everything: darts, pool, foosball, and the Clute favorite: karaoke!! We sang lots of songs...yep I did too. I was hesitant until I was digging through the CDs and found country songs!!! Jackpot! After that it was on and we were all fighting over the microphone. haha. It was a super fun night, even if someone got drunk and had to be carried home (you know who you are. love you k!).

Saturday was the big day! Finally! We all met up for breakfast in the main house, then it was off to take a quick shower and start getting ready! Hair, makeup, lunch, etc. All the bridesmaid and the bride-to-be hung out in the suite in the main house. Time definitely seemed to go slow (surprisingly!) and we were anxious to just get it started!! And once the photographers arrived, BAM, time flew by.
Jen & I all ready to go!

Jim and Jen did their photos, then it was wedding party, etc. And finally it was wedding time!! The ceremony was gorgeous, everything went perfectly and Jen looked stunning. Could not have been better. Not to mention the weather was perfect. Just perfect.

After a few family photos we were off to the cocktail hour and then the reception! Dinner was delicious and the drinks were flowing. Once the music started it was insane. There was a ton of dancing, and a lot of time spent in the photo booth.
We ended the night back at our hotel where we stayed up until 3am talking and drinking beers. Waking up to the aftermath of all the empty beer cans was actually pretty hilarious. It was obvious everyone had a lot of fun and Jen and Jim put on one hell of a party.
the happy couple

It was such a fun weekend. We got to visit with family. We met some really amazing people. And we got to be a part of a very special love story for a very special couple. You made it Jim and Jen. You are "Here".

Check out the chalkboard.....
We love you!!! :)

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