Thursday, September 29, 2011

sunday funday

This last Sunday was a pretty exciting "first" for Matt: he went to his first NFL game! We have been to a few college games together in DC, and I had been to some NFL games in the past, but this was Matt's first, and obviously our first one together. After looking at the schedule, and the price of the tickets, we decided the game against Kansas City would be the best. Hopefully the Chargers would kick some butt, and we could get really awesome seats for pretty cheap. We ended up sitting right on the 50 yard line, 15 rows back. Amazing seats! And what a great view! The crowd was rowdy and so much fun. Watching a game at home is great because you have your bathroom close, food and beer is free, and you can relax on your couch. But sitting in the stands with all the other fans, rooting on your team, you just can't beat that. High fiving each other when the Chargers score, booing when the ref makes a bad call, mob mentality for sure.

us at the game!
super close seats!

After the game, and the Chargers big win, we headed over to one of my favorite bars: McGreggors! I used to go there all the time in college, ahhh the memories. We watched a little more football there, had some food, and then headed home. It was such a fun day and a great way to spend a Sunday. I know Matt loved his first NFL experience. We are already talking about going to another game this season.

Goooo Chargers!!!!!

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