Wednesday, October 26, 2011

dress the wife: day 4

Today's outfit was actually selected on Monday night. Matt had duty on Tuesday, so we planned ahead and picked this out early. He spotted the shirt when we were doing the closet inventory and was immediately sold (I think he liked the color best) :) He asked what sort of pants I wear it with and I offered him a few options. I was leaning towards black bottoms, either a skirt or pants, because I knew it would look great. However, he went with grey, the light grey too. I was a little surprised and I wasn't sure it would match well, but I was wrong. He did a great job! He then selected a sweater for me to wear (my office is unpredictable, but usually very cold). I showed him all the options and he settled on a navy blue which goes great with the shirt. And then he picked out a pair of black pumps to finish off the look. Done.

Mr H: "Mommy stop taking all these photos and FEED ME!!!"

I know what you're thinking, "Why did you take this photo in the kitchen?" Lighting. I should have taken the photo on Monday night when I tried it on, but I decided I would wait until the day of to photograph. That usually involves me placing the camera on the counter somewhere and using the timer.Typically this works great. Unfortunately this morning I was up extra early because I had a 7am conference call. As I was taking these photos it was still dark outside, so the lighting was horrible. I tried the sun room (no sun, not a good pic), the dining room, the spare room, our bathroom, and finally the kitchen. I wanted to capture the color of the shirt and it was not so easy. I eventually settled on this photo (time constraints), uploaded the images, edited the pic, and moved it to my USB. Phew done. Oh, and all this was done while I was making breakfast for both Harley and I, packing up my stuff for work and trying to get out of the house ASAP. Needless to say, I did not have time to do my dishes or brush my teeth. Luckily I have a toothbrush at work. :)

p.s. not to worry, I made it to work on time! yay!

Happy Hump Day Everyone! 

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