Thursday, October 27, 2011

dress the wife: day 5

I figured at some point I would end up in a suit or dress and I was right. When I told Matt that Thursday would be the last "work attire" day (I get to wear jeans on Fridays) he got a little excited and a little nervous. The pressure was on to pick a great work outfit. He started off in the "suit" section:

Matt: "when do you wear these?"
me: "interviews"
Matt: (after looking through the shirts) "you need to get better suit shirts"
me: "I rarely wear them and I always put a jacket over it, so it doesn't matter that much"
me: " the pink button down is nice, especially with black"
Matt: "I only like this striped one with the grey"
me: "I wore grey pants yesterday"
Matt: (getting frustrated at the choices) "if I stand here for too long you will end up in a bridesmaid dress"
me: "grey and striped it is. fashion show?"
Matt: (after settling onto the bed) "yes please"

Matt also suggested I wear the pearls since he hadn't seen those in a while, and preferred black pumps over my tan ones. The final look:

I know, I need a new pose. I will try the left arm tomorrow. lol.

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