Friday, October 28, 2011

dress the wife: day 6

Today's post will actually include two outfits. Last night we went out to dinner for a very special occasion, it was our friend Tammy's birthday dinner! We all met up at Brigantine Seafood near her house and surprised her with dinner and cake (courtesy of her awesome roomie). And since it was still "dress the wife week", Matt got to select my outfit. He noticed this dress earlier in the week and had even considered it for a work outfit. I recommended the belt and shoes combo (we were in a hurry) but he did give his stamp of approval.

Dinner out on the town...

We were exhausted after getting back from dinner last night (us old folk go to bed by 10). So,it was straight to bed once we got home, figuring the Friday's outfit selection could happen later. As he was kissing me goodbye this morning I remembered I had nothing to wear and did not want to go naked to work. I asked him to select something and luckily he had been eyeing this top all week waiting for the perfect day for me to rock it. He actually selected the jeans too....although it could have been a "grab what's on top" moment. haha. And the flowery sandals match the flowers on the top.

Friday jeans day at work....
I went for the both hands on the hip pose today.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Samantha said...

I'm so impressed with Matt- he is such a fashionista! :)

I want to come by and go shopping in your closet, cute cute cute!