Saturday, October 29, 2011

dress the wife: day 7

This is a very special Halloween edition of dress the wife. Last night we went out to a costume party with some friends of ours. I have a few costumes from years past and was planning on just wearing one of those (easy and saves money). Matt was planning on going as white trash, so we needed to stop at the Halloween store to get him the perfect mullet wig. As we were browsing, a totally different costume caught his eye.....and it had a matching one for me too. He insisted I get it so we could go as a couple, and since it was a super cute outfit, and technically he was still dressing me, I agreed. 

Caesar and Athena (and Mr H)

Apparently I was not the only one who was dressed by their hubby for Halloween. As a negotiation tactic to get Joe to come to the party, Jess allowed Joe to choose whatever costume he wanted for them. He got SUPER creative.....

this is what happens when your hubby dresses you :)
Athena and Mrs Badass Burgess (to the rescue!!!)

Good job boys! Great costume selections :) And we had a blast at the party too!

And finally, day 7 of "dress the wife". For Saturday's outfit, Matt went with a jade dress I purchased for our beach pictures we recently had taken. We were going to brunch in Pacific Beach, it was 70 outside, sunny, just the all around perfect day, so a dress was a great choice. He told me to accessorize it exactly like I did for the pictures. Camel belt, bronze necklace, jade shoes. Done. And since I actually forgot to take a picture of myself today, you get a sneak peak of our beach pictures.....

So I guess this concludes "dress the wife week". I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did. It was exciting to see what Matt would select for me to wear, and while I would love for it to continue for another week, it's probably safer to stop while I'm ahead. Any longer and I would be rocking a different bridesmaid dress every day. The pressure to be creative was becoming too much. 

Matty, you did a great job and I am super proud of you. Thanks for agreeing to do this with me! And thank you to all my followers, public and stealth :). 

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Samantha said...

Love the costumes! Y'all look fabulous!

I'm loving the beach pics too - can't wait to see more! Oh, and I think I have your teal dress but in grey - I love the teal!