Monday, October 24, 2011

dress the wife week: day 1 & 2

This week I am going to do something that could be fun, or it could be scary, or it could just go horribly wrong. I am going to let Matt dress me for a whole week! I am going to let him choose my outfits (they must be event appropriate), shoes, accessories, etc. I actually got this idea from an article I saw on yahoo while Matt was deployed (check it out here). I thought it was funny and totally awesome and knew immediately that I needed to try this out with Matt.

We started the "Dress Shannon" experiment on Sunday. Matt got to choose the outfit I wore to our anniversary dinner. He was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of clothes to choose from, not to mention jewelry and shoes. I helped him out by asking if I should wear a dress to dinner or pants? Dress. Ok, any specific color? Well he wanted me to wear the jewelry he got me for Valentines day a few years back. I grabbed the earrings and we started looking for a good match. He finally settled on a blue and white dress I just purchased, which matched perfectly with the jewelry. Awesome! Then I gave him belt options, he went with the black one. And then I tried on a few pairs of shoes and he picked black ones to match with my belt. And he knew right away he wanted me to wear the white coat he got me for Christmas. Done. Here is my completed look:

I love it! :)

After we got home from dinner I had him pick out my outfit for work on Monday. He gets up super early and is gone before I get out of bed, so we need to select my attire the night before. After perusing the closet he selects grey pants. He was overwhelmed by the amount of shirts he had to choose from so he said he wanted something purple. I pulled out a few purple shirts and he selected a winner. Then we were on to shoes. He liked the look of the white shoes with the silver details of the shirt. Here is my Monday outfit:

And here is Matt, mid clothing selection, acting like a crazy fool:

I think it is already getting to his head. haha. Stop by tomorrow to see what Matt selected for my Tuesday outfit!


Jen said...

Cute idea! Any chance that's the purple shirt I got you for Christmas last year? If so, I'd say Matt has pretty great taste, lol!

First Lady C said...

It is and he does! :)